7 Flooring Options For Your Modern Home

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Your choice of flooring significantly impacts the overall look of a modern home. It serves as the foundation of house interiors, as it holds all the other elements together. There are many flooring options suitable for every home. You can balance durability and aesthetics to fit your design needs. You can find affordable and luxury flooring materials according to your home style and budget.

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If you’re still wondering about the best flooring you can use for your modern home, here are seven flooring options you can choose from:

1. Flake Flooring

A quality every homeowner looks for in a flooring material is resilience. You want flooring that withstands heavy traffic, is scratch-resistant, and is easy to maintain. One of the newest trends in home build and renovation is flake flooring. It’s constructed with synthetic materials such as plastic and metallic chips topped with polyurea. After applying an adhesive base coat on a concrete floor, the fragments are scattered and leveled. You may compare flake flooring’s aesthetic qualities to terrazzo. It gives a unique texture to a modern home, creating more depth. You can also achieve a modern design feature of using natural elements by choosing a natural stone finish.

2. Polished Concrete

Modern architecture’s use of natural materials makes polish concrete one of the top flooring options. It’s a common choice for modern industrial and brutalist home interiors due to its seamless, stone-like look. A polished concrete floor gives a reflective glow to the house. It’s simple, practical, and sleek – all the characteristics to look for in a modern home. It also demands less maintenance than delicate flooring materials. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, polished concrete flooring is one of the top choices for its affordability. It’s a practical option for those with a restricted budget who don’t want to compromise quality. The other version of popular concrete flooring is microcement flooring which becomes more popular and widespread.

3. Epoxy Flooring

Along with flake flooring, epoxy is one of the innovations for stylish and durable floor material. Expert installers can create various designs to suit every home interior. Epoxy resin is one of the most rigid materials used for flooring and furniture. Its flexibility in design gives designers and homeowners unlimited options. You may choose plain, textured, and even marble-like surfaces. They also come in high-gloss, satin, and matte finish. Epoxy’s durability makes it excellent for busy areas. Despite its gloss, it’s non-skid and safe for kids and pets. It’s also highly resilient to wear and tear and lasts long with little maintenance.

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4. Hardwood

If you’re looking for a timeless flooring option, hardwood should be on your list. Despite being a little expensive, its incomparable look, texture, and warmth make it worth splurging on. Hardwood flooring is an all-encompassing interior design element. Despite being a traditional construction material, it can effectively warm up a modern home while keeping the balance. This natural and eco-friendly material also ticks the characteristics of a modern interior. Moreover, hardwood planks are naturally termite-resistant. Although it’s not waterproof, it can easily be refurbished when warped due to liquid and moisture. Sand to even out the surface, then apply a topcoat for seal and shine.

5. Luxury Vinyl

Living in wet weather locations can hinder you from choosing hardwood. As an alternative, you may use luxury vinyl planks. It can imitate the look and texture of wood while doubling its durability. Luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for modern interiors. They come in different colors and patterns to meet your design preferences. Like other flooring options, it’s waterproof and lasts for 20 years with proper maintenance. If you want to experience the design benefits of hardwood floors for an affordable price, luxury vinyl planks can be an excellent choice.

6. Granite Tiles

For modern luxury homes, high-end materials are always the top choice. Granite has been a typical countertop material for decades. However, it’s also available as a sleek and stylish flooring. Granite tiles are perfect for high-end modern houses. They come in different textures and shades to fit every interior. It can be used in other parts of the home, including the bathroom. However, you need to apply an anti-skid topcoat for safety. Granite is a natural stone suitable for modern interior design. Despite being expensive, it adds significant value to your property.

7. Quartz

If you’re looking for an alternative to granite, quartz is a good option. Aside from being the top choice for kitchen counters, it’s also a durable and chic flooring material. Quartz also comes in tiles for easy installation. Despite being synthetic, it can mimic the designs of marble and granite. It’s also more durable compared to granite due to its strong bond. Its resistance to stains and scratches makes it perfect for high-traffic areas. Light-colored quartz best suits a modern minimalist home. It gives a smooth, sleek, and clean look to the house, as it reflects natural light during the day. It’s also less expensive than granite yet more resilient to wear and tear.


Finding the best modern flooring options for your home takes patience as you contemplate different designs, quality, and costs. When you’re looking for an upgrade, one of these options will help you transform a dull space into a stylish modern interior.

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