How to change flat tire on bike

There is nothing more frustrating than a flat tire on your bike. Usually we notice it when we have to use the bike and usually we don’t have much time to deal with the problem. Luckily, flat tire on bike can be fixed in under 10 minutes time. On the downside, not many people have the spare inner tube at home so you will probably lose more time on buying the new inner tube than on changing it. If you know what kind of inner tube suits your bike always buy at least one spare. In that way you can fix the best gravel bike tires in no time.

flat bike tire

You can change flat tire on bike with almost no tools. If you have quick release levers on your wheels than you don’t need any tools to remove the wheels. If you have bolt-on axles then you will need a couple of wrenches to loose the bolts and then you can remove the wheel. Learn all about wrenches in one of our previous articles, All you need to know about wrenches. In the video tire levers are used for removal and fitting the tire but you can use two flat screwdrivers or even spoon handles for removing and refitting the tire. Tyre levers are best for the job because there is no danger of puncturing your new inner tube when refitting the tire. If you are using screwdrivers we advise you to pump the inner tube about half the pressure and then refit the tire. This will ensure that you don’t damage your new inner tube and it will surely fit properly. Also adjust the valve and screw it down while the inner tube is pumped at half the pressure because otherwise it can be very difficult.

Always inspect your outer tire outside and inside before replacing the inner tube and remove possible causes of your flat inner tube. Some people patch their inner tubes but we advise you against it. Inner tubes all cost under 10$ and their is no practical reason in patching them.

In the video below you will se how easy it really is and nobody should go to the shop to get his/her flat tire on bike fixed!

Video source: FactoryDirectBikes

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