How to Fix Home Air Conditioning Systems

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Most companies and house owners find it challenging to maintain their conditioning systems only because they do not know the right way to handle it. For instance, if a person overworks in a day without rest, all that they will be managing will have errors at the end. That is how machines work, the more it overdoes, the more it is destroyed. But how do you fix the air conditioning system? An air conditioning system needs fixing due to various reasons like a sinking home air conditioner pad, noisy air conditioner, broken filters and so on. If you are considering AC replacement in Houston or the state that you’re living in, consider trying to fix the AC first unless the cost will be more than simply replacing it.

How to Fix Home Air Conditioning Systems

In the article below, we look at the top ten tips that you can use to fix your air conditioner, It includes;

1. Leveling concrete pad

The concrete pads get destroyed if there exists strains on electrical coolant and copper coolant tubes. The more the pressures persist, the more the pads continue to push and sink, and the lines tightened. You can fix it by leveling a concrete pad so that no strain exists. If the conditioner pad continues to weaken, then you should have AC technicians check on your system.

2. Find a compressor sound blanket

Some new air conditioning systems tend to produce lots of noise that may be from the compressor. But fans with a new compressor should be very silent, and in such case, you can find a universal blanket for your model. If you do not trust other quilts, it is essential you contact your manufacturer for the right blanket model. Another alternative is fencing on one side of the system to deflect noise. Consider enclosing at least 3 ft. away to allow air flow.

3. Clean the AC condenser unit

Cleaning is part of the system maintenance and will help you save money as it will decrease breakdowns. Cleaning helps to maintain the conditioner fins. Fins are very sensitive and can easily bend, so vacuum the fins with a soft brush to keep it clean. If some of the fins get crashed, get a set of fin combs to straighten them. After doing so, you can unscrew the fan to access the AC condenser interior to vacuum debris from another side. Also, check the motors for lubrication ports, then you can add some drops of lubrication on the fan motors for efficiency.

4. Eliminate drain tube clogs

If water is present at the puddling area near the furnace of the running AC, it results in clogging of the condensate drain tube. Condensation from the conditioning coils contains bacteria that becomes slimy and clogs the condensate drain. Fix it by use of tablets into the drain pan; you can then install a new tubing securing it with new tubing straps. It will reduce slime formation and increase condensate flow due to a large diameter.

5. Have a warm season checklist

To ensure that your AC is working correctly during the hot season, then you should consider using a season checklist. It is best if you get the required HVAC repair and maintenance service before summer hits up again. The warm season can affect the AC service due to an increase in dust particles and other particles which is why you should have an appropriate checklist.

6. Replace the filters

Handle it once you turn off the power source and remove the furnace filter for a checkup. The filters get blocked by dust build up, and this can affect airflow in the system. If the filters cannot clean up thoroughly, then change it if necessary.

7. Use windows to control heat

Heat gets into houses through windows. It implies that you can control the temperature in your home with open windows.

How to Fix Home Air Conditioning Systems - windows

If your window faces the sun direction, you should keep them closed with drapes during the winter season to avoid dust particles.

8. Replace with a new unit

Saving energy is essential for any household, and you cannot afford losing all your money to repair on over repaired AC system. You might have fixed the system to the extent of it not working any longer, and by this consider purchasing a new unit. For proper maintenance, you can also contact local waste management for disposal to protect the environment.

9. Check insulation

For high efficiency, consider replacing the damaged insulation around the AC lines. Rotted insulation cost you more energy which is why you should measure the length of the AC line diameter and order for the insulation online or from the manufacturers.

10. Brush cleaning

It is the appropriate method to use for small room air conditioners. Use a plastic bristle brush and foam cleanser to clean your conditioner. You can do it by yourself, but only ensure you follow on the right procedures. From the article above, fixing air conditioning systems requires a plan or regular maintenance. Before you do anything by yourself, consider reading the product manual script to avoid inconveniences after cleaning it or any repair.

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