Top Tips For Finding Quality Apartment Movers Near You

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Changing to your new apartment? Well, congratulations. At least you have an apartment with enough space. If stats are anything to go by, the US witnesses millions of millions of moves. Of course, you can move by yourself. But the hassle involved can drain you. That’s why hiring a reputable mover near you can come in handy. With professional removalists in Canberra, you have a partner who will move you to your new apartment safely. With a professional mover, you have a partner who will move you to your new apartment safely.

Top Tips For Finding Quality Apartment Movers Near You

However, with thousands of movers on the market today, choosing a reliable partner can be a nightmare. Plus, choosing an untrustworthy mover can be costly and annoying. From losing your belongings to the delays involved—a bad mover is something you should be keen to avoid. However, with the following tips, you are sure to get a dependable mover near you.

Moving inventory

Your mover will conduct a meticulous inventory exercise to estimate the bulkiness of your belonging. Among other things, your mover will conduct checks of your storage. They will check the drawers, garage, bookcases, as well as cupboards. The mover will base the moving fees on the weight of your belonging. So, it’s important for you to understand how the mover takes inventory of your belonging. Ensure the inventory process is accurate.

Pro tips: Ensure you are personally present when they are conducting the inventory of your belongings.


Don’t choose a mover who asks for a large deposit. A good mover will not ask for a large deposit. In fact, if you can find a mover who doesn’t ask for a deposit, that will be great.

So No with A Mover Who Switches Names

You value your belonging, right? Well, don’t go for a company that often switches names. A reputable company should be willing to be assessed by bodies like Better Business Bureau. Also, ensure that the company has a genuine address. You should also check the licensing if the company and if it has a flexible insurance policy. Check the phone numbers of that company. Call them and ascertain if the number is working. Their employers must have a company budge with details like full names, position, and identification number. If you’re in the Oakland area, try asking the locals or your neighbors whether they know a moving service provider. Chances are you’ll get the most honest reviews and find a high-quality Oakland movers company this way.


Ask friends for referrals. You can also ask family members. Go to online forums and look for recommendations there. Plus, you can also get referrals from movers associations.


Go online and read customer reviews. Stay away from a company with negative reviews. Also, don’t trust a company with fake reviews. Ask past customers about the experience they had with that company. Call past customers directly.


Look at the mover’s portfolio. Look at the number of clients the mover company has handled in the past. Stay away from a mover with a bad rating. Plus, don’t hire a company with a poor reputation. Look at the complaints from the past clients.

Avoid Packing Costs

Don’t let a mover pack your belonging. Doing so will be inflating the moving cost. So, do it by yourself. Alternatively, you can ask your family members or friends to help you pack all your belongings. Also, pack your belongings in advance.

Be Cautious with Extra Fees

Moving from one house to another can be challenging—especially when moving to or from the 10th floor, 9th for, etc. Plus, moving from such places will cost you more. Your mover will charge you a certain fee. So, be sure to negotiate with your mover for a better deal. Plus, if you have stuff that is unlikely to fit into a van might cost you more. So, ask the company if there are additional expenses.

A Blank Contract

Don’t sign a blank contract. Ensure everything is in writing. The mover should indicate the estimates, extra fees, and other important details in the contract. Also, the pick-up, as well as delivery dates, should be in writing. Read the contract carefully. Ensure it lists all your belongings. Remember, you will be entrusting your belonging to somebody. Having a clear contract will help you file a claim in case anything gets lost.

Say no to “Guaranteed” Quote

Moving contracts are divided into three types:

  1. Non-Binding Contract—with a non-binding contract, you will not be prompted to pay more than 10 percent of the original estimate. However, the contract requires you to remit payment within 30 days upon delivery.
  2. Non- binding Contract—a binding contract dictates that you only pay the original estimate. You won’t pay anything above the original estimate.
  3. Binding Contract—in a binding contract, the estimate in it represents the total cost of the move—including all other fees. Plus, you can request additional services like packing and unpacking. However, you will be required to pay within days of delivery.

All Problems Must Be Reported

Don’t wait. Report any problem you encounter to the company representatives. According to the law, customers have only 9 months to issue complaints. So, if there is something missing, broken stuff, etc., you should report the matter to the mover within 9 months.

Moving Valuation Protection

Your moving company should assume any liability as far as the value of your belongings is concerned. However, liability is divided into two levels—with each level having its distinct charges.

  •  Full Value Protection—as a comprehensive plan, the full value protection covers all your goods comprehensively. So, if your goods are lost or damaged, your mover takes full responsibility. The mover will repair or replace the goods.
  • Alternative Based Level of Liability—as a no-cost option, this plan is economical protection with minimal protection. With this plan, the mover only assumes at most 60 percent of the value of the goods. You will be compensated based on the weight of the goods

The Bottom-Line

Move in style. Your belonging is important. So, hire a reputable mover to get the job done quickly and in the best way possible. Use the above tips and get a quality mover like From reading reviews to getting recommendations, these tips are sure to help you hire the right mover near you. Happy moving!

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