How to Find Job with A Labour Job Agency

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Have you seen the people who dig traces, do bricklaying and carpentry in a construction site? Those are the laborers. The work of a laborer is usually physical, and it needs you to be physically fit. You can get such jobs through a labour job agency. These people are weather dependent. On sunny days, their heads and backs get scorched as they lay the bricks or dig trenches, and they step on mud after it has rained as they hurry to achieve the day’s target. If you are affected by cold, then you are likely not suitable for this job.

How to Find Job with A Labour Job Agency

According to Team Global, labourers contribute significantly towards the growth of the economy of any country. That is why nowadays there are many labour job agencies specializing in labourer recruitment.

What experience do you need to be a laborer?

Most laborers learn their skills through apprenticeship. To become a laborer, you just need to look for someone to teach you some basics, and you are good to go. A labour job agency can offer the training. After that, you can look for small jobs to do as you familiarize yourself with this field and get experience. Most employers will ask about your experience, so you better have some skills to show off.

If you don’t know where you can get a teacher, apply for courses in construction. This will earn you a certificate and make it easy for you to land jobs. Other essential skills that you need to have are basic numeracy and literacy skills. Wait until your boss asks you to calculate a wall’s height or take measurements of the floor, and you don’t know how to do it. That might be your last day at work.

If you have medical complications with some body parts like your chest, broken arm or leg, and body weakness, you might not make it through this job. It requires you to be physically fit and healthy. You cannot climb a ladder of great heights if you are acrophobia (a person who is afraid of heights). It would be best to exercise well before taking yourself to a construction site to seek a job or before going to ask the job through a job agency. You can’t lift a bag of cement if the last time you lifted a bag of maize was two years ago. This can lead to the muscles’ injuries, and you might miss work for a week.

What do laborers do?

Construction work is done during the day because the laborers use natural light. As a laborer, some days you might be asked to come to work earlier than usual. It also depends on the weather because it is an open area and you have to stop working if it starts to rain. As a laborer, every day’s roles keep changing. You don’t have a schedule saying that you should be in this place for the next two weeks or so. Today you will be given the role of applying plaster on the walls and find yourself mixing cement or drilling walls the following day. Laborers are not found in building construction only. Those that help in constructing roads and maintaining tools and equipment are also laborers.

How to Find Job with A Labour Job Agency - workers

How much does a laborer earn?

In most sites, laborers are paid per hour, depending on the number of hours they worked. It becomes a disadvantage if it rains the whole day because you are likely not to get paid anything. It also depends on your level of skills. A skilled laborer will not be paid the same amount of money that one without the necessary skills gets. To sharpen your skills, you can join colleges that offer construction courses and choose the course you can pursue.

What are the construction worker career prospects?

When you get the job through a labour job agency, do several jobs as a laborer to get more experience and sharpen your skills. As you walk down this path, you can be recruited as a site manager or a foreman, and you can also give your attention to one area and gain a lot of experience in it. You can choose to focus more on plastering or doing floors. Taking more courses gives you more qualifications and one day you can be the plant operator.

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