Understand These Crucial Steps Before Filing A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

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The frequency of cyclists has increased to an unusually large amount in the last couple of years. One of the probable reasons could be people’s way of trying to eliminate traffic and pollution, or maybe people are becoming more health-conscious. Regardless of the reasons, cycling is regaining its lost importance as a significant means of transport. While this has brought a wide array of advantages for bike riders, it has also triggered many accidents.

Understand These Crucial Steps Before Filing A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

For this reason, this guide has been prepared to educate our readers about the steps that need to be taken if they are ever involved in a bicycle accident.

Causes Of Bike Accidents

There is no definite cause of bicycle accidents that occur on the roads. There are a variety of factors related to a faulty driver that can cause a crash. However, there are some common causes of bicycle accidents that demand our attention.

  • Crisscrossing Drivers

Drivers who are habitual of crisscrossing their way through the traffic are likely to fail in spotting a cyclist who is sharing the road.

  • Distracted Driving

Drivers who are using their phones while driving or talking to passengers in the back can get distracted from the road. This is one of the most common causes of bicycle accidents, as many drivers are often distracted while driving.

  • Speeding

Speeding is never good, especially when you’re aware that there is a far less superior type of vehicle around you, a bicycle. However, speeding drivers do not understand this concept and tend to traverse through heavy traffic while speeding. Their lack of control over their vehicle results in a collision.

What To Do After A Bike Accident?

Since bike accidents are normal, you are likely to get involved in one even if you take all the necessary precautionary measures. This is why you should be aware of the steps that should be taken after being involved in a bicycle accident.

  • Contact the Law Enforcement Agency

The first and foremost thing to do after an accident is to contact the local police. It’s an advantageous fact for the people living in Texas as the Police Department is excitingly hardworking in that area of the United States. So if any witness hasn’t done that already, you need to contact the police on your own.

  • Document the Situation

Documenting the accident is essential and can come in handy if you wish to file a damage claim lawsuit against the other party. Since the court of law demands proof of the events that happened in the accident, your documentation will have a positive impact on the case.

  • Ensure You Record Your Version of the Accident in Initial Report

For people living in Houston, it is an advantage that the Houston P.D. is extremely energetic in referring to accident cases. When the police arrive on the scene, you should approach them to get your statement recorded regarding your version of the accident. This will help your case when you find a Houston bicycle accident attorney to help you claim compensation for your damages. Moreover, you should ensure not to miss any details in your version of the accident so that the initial report can have your stance and your lawyer can build your case on a strong base.

  • Make Sure You Get the Driver and Witness’ Contact Information

Although the police report might have the contact information of both the faulty driver and witnesses, you should get their contact information on your own.

Understand These Crucial Steps Before Filing A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit - lawyer

Why Do You Need A Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Irrespective of your safety precautions, when you’re riding a bicycle, you’re always at risk. Since the majority of the time, cars are not actively looking out for cyclists, they tend to collide with the riders leading to several types of injuries. In such a situation, having a bicycle accident attorney can come in handy if you wish to claim compensation for your losses.

Before the initiation of your lawsuit, the lawyer will walk you through the process, providing advice about what you should do. This will help you make your mind regarding the degree of charges that you want to press on the offender. Moreover, if you don’t wish to pursue the matter legally, legal consultants tend to get you a good deal for your compensation by negotiating the terms with the other party on your behalf.

Accidents are bound to happen; there is no denying this fact. However, we can reduce their impact by following the required rules that can protect us from the erroneous actions of other drivers. Since riders are fragile when riding a bicycle, a minor collision for a car driver can inflict major injuries on a bike rider. For this reason, it is recommended for the bike rider to steer clear of the rash drivers that can be considered a potential cause for a bike accident.

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