5 Surprising Facts About Energy Consumption

The world is panicking about the energy crisis, for reasonable reasons. Science has proved that the world’s supply of primary resources such as fossil fuel from petroleum oil, coal, natural gas is not meeting the energy demands. That’s why we have been leaning towards the use of renewable energy to make up for diminishing supplies. Most people won’t feel the complex and the dimensions of the energy crisis unless maybe when it affects the gas prices. However, we have a role when it comes to saving up energy and the first step to find any solution is by educating ourselves.

5 Surprising Facts About Energy Consumption

So here are 5 surprising facts that you should know about energy consumption that will blow your mind.

The Electricity We Waste Could Power An Entire City

Americans take up a small percentage of the world population; they only account for about 5%. However, we consume more than 25% of the world’s sources of energy. One of the largest energy consumers in the nation is Texas, albeit being one of the largest energy producers as well. Cities like Dallas allow you to easily figure out which energy company Dallas you deal with, and in turn find out your consumption. You can find energy providers at www.dallaselectricityrates.com, where you can shop and compare electricity/energy providers on one page and save money on your electricity bill.

You Can Save Energy Just By Turning Off Your Standby Appliances

Turn off the gadgets you are not using. Make sure that you unplug any unused electrical devices. You will find that keeping the TV on for hours when no one is really watching consumes a lot of energy that you can save for your money and for the world. You can check with the nearest electrician for advice on saving power on other appliances.

Smart Thermostats Are Better

Can you imagine that turning your thermostat down by only one degree could save you up to $80 per year? Adopting better habits when it comes to saving energy makes a bigger difference than you imagine. Now imagine installing a smart thermostat that will know exactly the right degree of temperature the room needs automatically without the need for you to interfere.

Mexico Made It To The Record Book For Saving Energy

Mexico realized the importance of banning inefficient light bulbs. They once back in 2012, distributed 23 million free light bulbs and made it in the record book. They knew the importance of saving their consumers money and saving the earth from increasing the greenhouse effect.

The U.S Is Full Of Precious Geothermal Areas

The low power supply has benefited the U.S economy big time. Geothermal power is reliable, available for economic use in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, and its running cost is very cheap. Since the geothermal power is locally generated, it has helped in reducing imports for foreign fuel.

Stats On Energy Consumption

Fluorescent light bulbs use about 80% less than normal bulbs, however, the overall use of a light bulb is about 10%. Cooling and heating, on the other hand, takes up to 50% of the average utility bill. It’s better to boil water instead of using the electric kettle so you can save up energy from 19% and up to 31%. There are a lot of small steps that you can start doing to save up the energy more than you can imagine.

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