How To Avoid Common Eye Injuries At Construction Sites

Over time, one may believe one can master a skill. This is usually true, but one should continue to take precautions. An overconfident attitude can often lead to serious injuries. Depending on your field, you may even risk the lives of others by mere negligence. One of the working environments that require caution at every step is construction sites and the most common threat here is eye injuries, which may result in a permanent loss of vision.

How To Avoid Common Eye Injuries At Construction Sites

In Canada alone, every day, 700 workers suffer from an eye injury. These injuries vary in their magnitude and demand different strategies from the management. Construction workers risk their lives for their employers, so the companies must ensure their employees are provided with adequate safety equipment. In Canada, you can get your company assessed by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). CCOHS will help you determine your company’s current safety level. From there, you can begin the journey of creating an ethical organization that values workers and takes steps to ensure their safety.

Failing to adhere to necessary precautions at a construction site can not only be harmful, but also fatal. Dust particles and debris flying through the air at a construction site are the most common cause of eye injuries. Safety goggles are the easiest way to prevent injuries caused by small unavoidable objects. It is for this reason that CCOHS recommends that workers wear protective eyewear when in hazardous areas. Integrating fashionable glasses into the workplace will motivate the workers to practice wearing them as well as make the team more cohesive. Get in touch with reputable eyewear stores that offer safety frames. You can also make use of trending online marketing and search your way to the best stores by typing safety glasses Canada in the search bar. These safety goggles will help in keeping eyes protected while being trendy.

What are the causes of eye injuries and how can you avoid them?

Injuries to the eye should not be ignored, because if untreated they can cause loss of vision. Workers must practice caution to avoid any injuries. On the other hand, it is equally important that companies keep a reliable team on site to check any eye injuries immediately.

What are the potential Eye Hazards?

Taking precautions is necessary, but knowing what you’re protecting yourself from is just as important. Here is a list of some potential eye hazards at a construction site to watch out for.

1. Projectiles

These include particles like dust, metal, wood, concrete, etc.

2. Radiation

It includes light waves, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, as well as lasers.

3. Chemicals

Chemicals present at a construction site that are harmful to the eyes are fumes as well as splashes.

4. Pathogens

The pathogens vary greatly in range and are transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids. Some of these pathogens include hepatitis, coronavirus, etc.

How To Avoid Common Eye Injuries At Construction Sites - safety glasses

How to avoid them?

Let’s check out some of the steps we can take to prevent eye injuries.

1. Know the area

It is crucial that you are familiar with every corner of the construction site. You can also take an additional step and recommend HR to organize orientation programs for the new employees. The program will reduce the risks of surprise factors by introducing them to the company and its machinery.

2. Eliminate hazards

Make sure that outdated machinery is not a hazard. Eliminate any obsolete equipment that risks failure to ensure the safety of everyone involved. For those machinery parts that pose a threat but cannot be replaced, hire guards and implant screens as a precautionary step.

3. Keep the eyes safe

The best way to avoid an injury is to prevent it. Establish rules and regulations to ensure your workers are properly equipped. When selecting the right equipment for any activity, make sure to perform a hazard assessment first.

4. Safety glasses

The safety glasses may look ordinary, but they can be relied upon to provide extensive protection to the wearer. As they blend into everyday outfits, many workers will be able to adapt to them without difficulty. Safety glasses are protection paired with fashion to provide your workers with epitome comfort and assurance. The glasses will protect against a variety of hazards. If, however, your workers are exposed to more extreme conditions, you might want to give them side shields.

5. Face shields and helmets

Face shields and helmets are useful in extreme conditions like heat waves, chemical exposure, pathogens, etc. Workers often use helmets while welding to protect their eyes from debris. However, it is advisable to use safety goggles or glasses and the helmet and the face shield. The market offers shields and helmets with special filters that are capable of protecting workers from radiation. These include protection against optical, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation as well.

6. Organize seminars to educate workers

The management should arrange training seminars with the workers and inform them about the safety measures that must be taken. It is likely that many workers are unaware of the required steps to follow when they suffer an eye injury. It is therefore important to train them adequately so that they can aid themselves in an accident and others around them. There is also a lack of information in some areas. Construction workers should avoid wearing contact lenses when chemicals are present on-site. However, if there are no chemicals or splashes, they may wear it.  

How to Treat An Eye Injury at a Construction Site?

The seminars should also include a short segment on treating an eye injury until professional help arrives. The most common reaction is for people to rub their eyes or splash neutralizing agents in them. This can aggravate the problem in some cases. Here are a few tricks you can teach your workers about what they should and should not do:

  • The first and foremost step is to remove the contact lenses in order to prevent further damage.
  • It is better to wash your eyes with clean water immediately. However, make sure the water is not contaminated or is not in a container that may have been contaminated.
  • Rubbing eyes is a big no-no. In case of burning, keep the eye closed as long as possible until professional assistance arrives.


A company is responsible for the well-being of its employees. It is high time that organizations start to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Business owners should always prioritize the safety and security of their workers as without the workers, no business can survive. Construction sites are particularly prone to injuries like eye damage. The workers are exposed to harsh conditions that affect their health. Since our eyes are extremely sensitive, it is mandatory that workers take proper precautions to avoid any harm. However, it is equally important that organizations take the responsibility to make it easier for employees and provide them with immediate assistance.

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