6 Signs It’s Time for an Exterior Home Remodel

Over the years, your home’s exterior will inevitably wear down. You’ll start noticing problems that make your home look older and outdated. Although you may not think so at first, these cosmetic problems hide more glaring problems. They signify it’s time for an exterior home remodel. Exterior home remodeling might not be as big a project as an interior renovation, but it impacts the home value and takes considerable planning to complete. Before starting the project, make sure you don’t have any significant problems with the interior that will be covered up with your remodel.

6 Signs It’s Time for an Exterior Home Remodel

If you are not sure you need an exterior home remodel, here are six signs that it’s time.

Leaking Roof and Gutters

A leaking roof and gutters can cause severe water damage to your exterior walls. If you’re experiencing any gaps in the flashing around chimneys or vents, your roof needs repairs. Water can seep in and damage the exterior of your home in several ways:

  • Mildew and rot
  • Deterioration of the siding
  • Cracks in the paint

Fixing the flashing around chimneys is especially important since it prevents water from seeping into the insulation and warping or rotting your exterior walls. If you notice ice dams on your roof, it might be time to replace the insulation in your attic. Even if you don’t see any leaks now, chances are they’ll start occurring if you ignore the problem. Find experts in roof repair in Sterling Heights MI to resolve the issues. Old, deteriorated roofs with missing shingles or rust damage can also cause water damage from ice dams. If you’re missing the underlayment on your roof, it might lead to water seepage into your insulation and the walls. Replacing your roof can take care of ice dams and prevent future water damage to your home.

Rotted or Warped Siding

Over time, the siding on your exterior walls may start to warp or become brittle. This might be due to several factors, including weather conditions, foundation problems, tree roots, woodpeckers, or termites. A properly installed siding protects your walls from moisture damage, which can cause severe problems over time. It also offers insulation and protection against pests and the elements.

Termites, Wood Borers, or an Ant Infestation

Piles of sawdust near your home’s foundation might signify termite damage. You might also see the swarmer ants or winged termites in or around your home. Some things to do to fix this are:

  • Treat termite damage
  • Repair damaged wood
  • Get a pest control inspection, along with a treatment plan

6 Signs It’s Time for an Exterior Home Remodel - remodeled exterior

Your Paint is Chipping or Fading

A lot of homeowners begin to notice peeling paint when fall arrives. Although it might seem minor, these problems can lead to many expensive repairs down the line. Deteriorating paint also makes your home look old and rundown, so it might be time for an exterior paint job. Repainting the exterior also protects your home from moisture damage and saves you money on expensive repairs.

Your Landscaping Is Overgrown

The exterior of your home plays a major role in curb appeal. Dead plants or spots and weeds growing next to your home make it less appealing. It also encourages pests, mold, and mildew to grow since moisture is abundant. Quality landscaping improves the exterior of your home. Start with simple, low-maintenance plantings and trim back any dead branches or dead spots in your bushes. You might also want to install a walkway or driveway that fits your style.

Water Stains Around Windows, Doors or Foundation

If you notice water stains on your home, it might be a sign that you have an exterior water drainage problem that can lead to costly damages. If a window leaks, it might also cause mold and mildew growth around the wood framing. One way to resolve the issue is to replace old windows with new ones. It’s one of the exterior home remodeling projects that can increase curb appeal and the home’s value.

Home Remodeling Increases Home Value

Exterior home remodeling projects increase the home’s value and curb appeal. It will also protect your home from future damage. Replacing windows, doors and other features that are in disrepair makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

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