Why You Must Work with Experts for Pool Table Disposal

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Dismantling and removing pool tables from your homes and office can be tedious. To remove more advanced models with features such as ball return mechanisms, you need the right set of tools and knowledge.

Why You Must Work with Experts for Pool Table Disposal

Under such circumstances, hiring a professional pool table disposal service can make your job easier. Read on to understand the benefits of working with expert pool table hauling services in the US.

They have the Right Expertise and Tools

According to recent statistics, the global pool table market size could expand to $258.8 million by 2025. The pool table market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6 percent over the forecast period. Pool tables have complex body parts like bolts, screws, staples, slate, legs, and pockets. Disassembly of the pool table is a difficult job. The staples that hold the pocket straps and the bolts that hold the rails should be removed. You must also remove the felt to reveal the slate below.

An expert pool table disposal firm will use drills, packing tape, wrench, padding, furniture straps, and other equipment to ensure it is properly dismantled and removed from your home without any issues. They will label each part to avoid confusion while it’s reassembled. The workers have in-depth experience disposing of billiards tables like snooker, pool, metal pool, and kids pool tables. The workers will correctly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for disassembly to ensure that the table can be reassembled correctly later.

They Have Enough Human Resources

A pool table can be very heavy and bulky. Moving or relocating the table from one place to another demands more human resources. Pool table removal companies have the bandwidth and can allocate even five or six people to make sure the table is safely hauled out of your home. They also ensure that their workers have the right skills to carry and transport these heavy objects safely. This will ensure that nobody gets injured or no damage is caused to the surrounding property when the table is removed from your house.

Why You Must Work with Experts for Pool Table Disposal - disassembling

They Provide Insurance

Most pool table disposal services provide insurance for your product. The insurance policy will cover the damage or loss that may happen during the entire transportation process. Only reputed and licensed firms will offer proper coverage for the disposal process. They will work diligently to avoid safety hazards.

They have the Best Transportation Services

A reliable pool table disposal company has a large truck or a van. Hence your table parts can be placed inside safely without the fear of damage or breakage. They will secure the table with furniture straps and cover it with a thick canvas. Hence, they do not suffer from wear and tear while traveling long distances. Trying to dismantle a pool table on your own can be a time-consuming and expensive affair. Hence, getting a specialized team on board can help you handle the tedious process efficiently. You can call up the best home junk removal services in your locality and ask for their quotes. You can use these quotes to compare the rates and select the best company that suits your requirement and budget.

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