Things to Know Before Getting Epoxy Floors for Your Home

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When it comes to versatile flooring types, epoxy is one of the most used, practical and  versatile floor solutions that can be used in healthcare, educational, industrial, and commercial facilities. Additionally, these floors are made so that they can be tailored to different requirements and conditions.

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Because of the numerous qualities, they are also a great flooring solution for houses. Experts at Huntington Epoxy Floors were kind enough to share from their experience, the 5 things you should know before getting epoxy floors:

Epoxy Floors Are Strong

Two elements make up epoxy coating: curative and polyepoxide resin. Before they are applied to the floor, they are first mixed. The mixing reaction allows the elements to chemically bond together, and then onto the floor. These two products make the coating extremely strong, which is why epoxy is a durable choice for you when it comes to flooring. This type of flooring does not chip or peel away – given that it has been appropriately prepared. Finally, they have anti-osmosis elements which ensure that the flooring remains damp-proof.

They Are Durable

The load exerted on epoxy floors can be seen from how they are used for multiple purposes. As an industrial floor choice, this type of flooring can withstand pressure of manufacturing equipment and processes. Because of its qualities as a chemical-resistant floor, this flooring option can be used in places where heavy workload takes place.

Epoxy Floors Need Surface Prepping

If the surface is improper,  the epoxy floor could immediately fail, and that is something you do not want. When we talk about preparing the surface, moisture is something you need to pay utmost attention to. Vapor permeating and humidity in high concentrations prevent the concrete floor from adhesive bonds during the process of curing. Having this said, you need to make sure that a professional moisture test is carried out before the epoxy floor application. This is what reduces the risk of your floor falling in the long run.

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Maintaining Epoxy Floors is Not So Difficult

As epoxy is an impervious and seamless floor solution. The substrate of concrete is shielded from contaminants such as liquids, dirt and chemicals. Because of this, it is easy to clean the floors. A standard mop and a scrubber are sufficient to clean the floors and there is no need for buffing and waxing. These floors do not need a lot of maintenance, which is what makes them a long term investment.

They Are Definitely Aesthetically Pleasing

Whenever you get anything for your house, you want it to be beautiful and of course, something worth the quality. While we have established that epoxy floors offer premium quality and are strong as well, rest assured, they are the great flooring option for your house. Epoxy floors are available in the market in different customizable colors. You can even find multiple gloss levels in epoxy floors, such as matte, satin and glossy. Additionally, metallic pigment additives and colored microchips are also included in the varieties offered in epoxy floors.

You May Consider Epoxy Floors for Different Environments and Purposes

The sturdiness and durability of epoxy floors is what makes them suitable for different environments aside from your home solutions. You can apply different floor decor ideas on them and use them in different industries. Retail, grocery, educational, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, food, medical and commercial are just a few other examples. Epoxy floors are not rocket science but there are few details to pay attention to when you decide to get epoxy floors. Now that you know what you need to know before getting epoxy floors, wait no more and get that epoxy floor for your home!

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