Both home and business owners may not always think about the implications of the type of flooring that they choose. However, the right choice of flooring can have long-lasting effects as far as the resale price of a home is concerned and improving aesthetics and functionality. In both commercial and industrial the ideal flooring can directly impact productivity, help to control costs, avoid ‘slip and fall’ claims and provide the business with that all-important professional image – and that can directly impact the bottom line.

Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Given these considerations, it is no wonder that home and businesses owners are with suppliers of epoxy flooring Sydney. Epoxy flooring has a number of advantages over other types of flooring, including bare concrete, tiling, and linoleum. Taking a closer look at epoxy flooring Sydney reveals just who it provides such an exceptional return on investment.

Firstly, there is the aesthetic appeal of epoxy. In industrial settings, especially warehousing the cost of lighting the warehouse space can be exorbitant – but good lighting is absolutely essential in order to maintain a safe working environment – and improve productivity. Epoxy flooring is highly reflective and can significantly improve levels of brightness. Epoxy in both homes and industrial/commercial settings can also be tailored with a variety of additives that can further improve its visual appeal. It can be applied in various patterns – and the addition of mica flakes to the flooring provides it with a sparkle that improves the visual appeal of the home (and its market value).

There are even versions that boast a metallic finish which can be great for home use – especially in those high traffic areas or where there is the threat of spills (kitchens, bathrooms and play areas immediately spring to mind). Safety. In addition to the various finishes and colours that are available non-slip formulations improve safety. The maintenance of flooring in industrial operations can be cost and time-intensive. However, epoxy flooring is virtually maintenance-free. It is tremendously tough and resistant to wear – and does not require the use of specialised cleaning products.

Epoxy Flooring Sydney - epoxy floor

Adding to the low maintenance nature of epoxy floors is the fact that they are tremendously stain resistant (and this type of flooring is also highly resistant to chemical damage). With a minimum of maintenance, an epoxy floor that has been installed by professionals will last for decades. It is an investment that carries on providing value where other floorings would need replacement. Self-leveling epoxy flooring is also ideal for application to aging concrete floors that may have cracks or other damage. It will prevent further water damage to the underlying concrete – and extend its lifetime.

It is hard to argue with the fact that epoxy boasts a variety of advantages over other types of flooring. It is cost-effective to apply, incredibly hard-wearing, and attractive. For home and business owners in Sydney, it is a flooring choice that provides an excellent return on investment. It should be carefully evaluated – it simply makes sense in a whole variety of environments, but inside and outdoors.