With the summer season upon us, you and your family can partake in more outdoor activities. Children nowadays spend most of their time indoors, perhaps because they believe that there aren’t any interesting things to do outside.

4 Useful Tips To Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Family

If you take part in the following activities, not only will you be able to convince your children to spend more time outdoors with you, but you will also have fun as a family like never before.

1- Create a Family Garden

If you have a yard that you do not use often, you can create a family garden. It may take some time to convince your children to give gardening a try, but nothing beats the fun of playing in the dirt and creating something out of nothing.  Encourage them to pick the seeds they wish to plant and decorate the garden. This can be a special family activity that will also teach them the importance of taking care of plants. The best thing about having a family garden is that it is not a one-time activity. You can set a gardening time for your family in which all of you go outside and take care of your garden together.

2- Go Camping

Summer means having loads of barbecues with family and friends, but it also means that it’s time to take out your camping gear and hit the road for a family camping trip! Camping gives your family a chance to disconnect from their daily lives full of technology and return to the basics. Don’t forget to make sure you have all the necessary camping equipment you need, including food and drinking essentials. Camping and barbequing pros at YETI Australia state that having the right equipment with you can make all the difference between a fun camping trip and a terrible one.  After your first time camping as a family, you’ll be guaranteed to make it a regular occurrence throughout the summer and in future vacations.  

3- Have a Water Fight

Water fights are fun no matter how old you are. Whether you are in your yard or camping outdoors, this activity will make your family enjoy the outdoors immensely. You can set up a water fight by filling balloons with water and having a free-for-all, or you can prolong the fun by getting refillable water squirters and designating teams. This creates a feeling of competition and makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

4 Useful Tips To Enjoy The Outdoors With Your Family - water baloon

4- Go Fruit-picking

No matter the time of year, you can find a fruit or vegetable that needs picking.  Gathering with your family members at a farm or orchard and picking different fruits is a great outdoor activity. The best thing about fruit-picking is that you can use this fruit later to make different desserts. If you go pumpkin picking during October, you can also set aside time later in the day to decorate your pumpkins and maybe even have a decorating contest. 

These four different outdoor activities are just the start of countless days spent outdoors together as a family. Don’t hesitate to alter these activities to fit your family members’ likes and dislikes. You can now rest assured that your children will not spend all their days inside with their phone or tablet; there are far more interesting things for them to do outside with you!