Enjoy complete seclusion and privacy with Duramax

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Fences are mainly exposed to various weather conditions, and this is why durability is the key. Fencing is a home improvement task that has gained a lot of popularity and involves a lot of expense. There are various types of fences available in the market, but those cannot endure extreme weather and environmental conditions. Vinyl is a material that has many advantages; it’s longer-lasting than all other types of fences. It’s 5 times more durable than any other fencing material.


Duramax is the leader, a reputed manufacturer of vinyl fences in USA. We are among the top vinyl fencing manufacturers in USA. Duramax fences include privacy fences, semi-privacy, picket fencing, perimeter, pool fence, rail ranches, etc. Our fences are manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl. The fences have a secure routing mechanism and a proper locking system.

Low maintenance vinyl fences

Duramax vinyl fences are low maintenance; it’s a low-cost solution that can last for years. These fences do not require regular maintenance and cleaning. You do not need to clean the fences every day. Rinse off the dirt and debris with a hose, and your fences would shine again. The fences can last for years without losing its shine, color, or strength.


ASTM certified fences made of Duraresin

Duramax fences are resistant to all weather conditions, be it heat, cold, fire, and impact. Our fences are made of Duraresin formulation, ensuring that the fences can withstand heat and other environmental factors. Duramax fences are not affected by the Southwest sun, and this is a huge advantage. The fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and active UV inhibitors; this gives the fences the highest stability and weatherability. This is a relief to most buyers who worry that the scorching Southwest sun would harm the fences.

When you hear of Duramax, you can be assured about the quality. Our fences are ASTM F964 certified, which is quite high compared to the fencing industry. We offer customization options so that you can have unique fencing. Our fences are flawless; there are no brackets and visible screws. Our fences are tested for quality before its delivered to the clients. 

Affordable fences made in the USA

Duramax fences can lift your mood; we design colorful fences that are available in different designs. Duramax fences give a lifetime performance and traditional beauty. Apart from colorful fences, we also manufacture white color fences that look elegant and perfect.

Now, the Duramax website has a renovated and improved touch. The website now has a better user interface, so it’s easier to look at our collections and order fences online. Duramax fences are very affordable and made in the USA, inside our factory. Our fences are recyclable; the fences are environment friendly. The fences are shipped on time; our fences come with a limited lifetime warranty. We are among the renowned vinyl fencing suppliers in USA. Order fences today; you can also book a consultation.

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