6 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

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The first time you buy a house will always be something to remember. Much like your wedding day or when your child is born. Many people will save for years at a time trying to get enough money together for a downpayment and when the day comes it’s a special one. From here you have something that’s yours and you can do what you like with. Decorate the inside, spruce up the garden, but don’t forget the exterior!

6 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

You can do so much with the exterior of your home and it will brighten the place up, making a home to be proud of. It will also add value when you come to sell. But what are the ways you can enhance the exterior of your home?

First Impressions

Have you ever walked up to a house and thought: “wow”? First impressions are so important as they dictate how someone feels straight away when looking at your property. This is essential when it comes to selling your home, but also important when having guests over. Feeling proud of your home is important which means everything from the bathroom to the garden. The first impressions start when you’re walking into the house, so if you have a front garden it’s important to make it look nice. One of the best ways to do this is by having nice fencing all the way around. Things have developed since the white picket fence and there are plenty of more innovative designs that you can choose from. Having the wow factor from the get-go will make you feel amazing every time you come home. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on superficial aspects of the property, it goes a long way.

Doors & Windows

Shabby windows and a tatty door isn’t the nicest thing to look at. They will bring down the value of your home but also it doesn’t fill you with pride when you’re looking at paint stripped slightly rotten windows. If you’ve purchased an older house then you’ll probably have to invest in some double glazing. Once again this will raise the price of your property if you’re looking to sell (remember to keep the proof of installation) and it will increase the efficiency of your home making the winters much warmer. When it comes to your front door you can do whatever you like, but having one that screams classy and grandiose is always a good way to be. A good front door says a lot about the homeowner and having one that looks incredible is the only way to go.

Look At Your Yard

Investing some time and money into your yard is going to make it look incredible. A boring plain green yard is never going to be inspiring or that enjoyable to spend time in. Avoiding this negative image is important. Replace your lawn with fresh new grass and remember to plant some incredible, colourful flowers in the flower beds. Maybe along the fencing and around the front of the house. If you have space then adding a tree or two, this will add huge depth and dimension to your garden and if you plant the right one, provide fruit. Other additions like shade sails are nice to have especially if you live in a hot part of the country. Having UV protection for you and the family will be invaluable.

6 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home - entryway

Paint & Clad

There are some old-style ways in which buildings were once decorated. Pebble-dash has been around for years but it really doesn’t look great any more. Redecorating the outside of the house and painting it a nice neutral colour will add huge value and make it look incredible. Another option you have is to clad certain areas of the house in a concrete board. This might not seem attractive, but the boards are all designed to look natural and are hard-wearing. If concrete isn’t your style then you can go with treated wood.

Light It Up!

Nothing says class more than some well placed lights around the house and gardens. Have some spotlights near the front door and maybe some hanging bulbs in the backyard. Lights that follow the paths are also a nice feature, as are some in the flower beds. Light is professional, it’s smart, it’s practical. Utilise it where you can.

Look At Your Driveway

Are there lots of cracks in your drive? Maybe there are some weeds poking through the concrete. It doesn’t matter what you do to the rest of the exterior of your home, if your driveway isn’t up to scratch, nothing else will matter. Look at resin drives or even having it block paved. Improving the exterior of your home is important for your own sanity more than anything else. Coming home to a house to be proud of will make you feel incredible. Not only this but when you come to sell your home it will be worth more money, making your investment worthwhile. Hopefully, these tips will give you some ideas on how to spruce up your exterior.

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