Emergency plumbing routine

Emergency plumbing routine

Emergency plumbing is needed when the faucet is leaking, the toilet is leaking or clogged, or the pipes have cracked. Burst and leaking pipes can damage your house. The damage can be worse in houses that have wooden floors. This is because the wood will absorb water and start swelling. Such water can also damage electric appliances.

Besides that, burst pipes causes your monthly water bill to go up especially if the fault occurs immediately after the meter. The most common causes of bursts is freezing and when the pipe is bumped by heavy objects. When the weather gets extremely cold, the water in the pipes is converted into ice. And since more water is being pumped by into the system, the pipes crack because they can’t cope with the contractions. Below is a list of the things you should do when you notice a burst water pipe.

Examine the Pipes

If the floor is already flooded with water, you should inspect the pipes to find where the water is leaking through. Sometimes pipes crack beneath walls. If you notice that the one side of the wall in either the kitchen or the bathroom is wet, there is a high probability that the pipe that’s beneath the wall is faulty. In such a case, you would have to call Emergency plumbing Squad to come and fix the problem. You should also open the cabinets that are below the kitchen sink so you can examine them. If the water leaking from below the sink, you should avoid using the sink until the problem is solved by a qualified plumber.

Turn off the Main Gate Valve

The main gate valve is the gadget that is used to regulate the flow of water into your home. You should therefore find it and turn it off to prevent more water from being wasted. The main gate valve is usually located next to the meter and it’s easy to operate. When you rotate it in anticlockwise direction, it will stop the water from flowing. You should also close all the faucets and taps. You should then have the problem fixed by your local plumber. By the way, if you need to buy the new water meter, check out JSG Metering Solutions.

Emergency plumbing routine - main valve

Wipe Excess Water

If there is any water on the floor, you should wipe it away with a rug or a mop. This will help in preventing accidents that are caused by slippery floors. Moreover, drying the floor prevents water from spilling into other rooms. Besides that, you should avoid using electrical appliances including the water heat because you might be electrocuted when the water comes into contact with electricity.

Move Your Furniture

If the leakage is in the living room, you should consider moving your furniture into other rooms that are much safer. This is because the furniture will get damaged if it comes into contact with water. If water is accumulating faster on the floor, you should take your furniture and other valuables outside the house.

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