Emergency Plumber: Situations When You Need Their Services

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What are the situations when we need an emergency plumber? When the ceiling starts leaking or when the rooms get filled with water, are absolute emergencies. There are many other situations when there are plumbing requirements, but it is still manageable without repairs. But sooner or later, these minor repairs can also become a cause for emergencies. So we should be prepared for these situations.

Emergency Plumber

The article addresses some of the situations when we need an emergency plumber and how to deal with these situations.

When Should We Contact an Emergency Plumber?

If you know what’s an emergency, it becomes easier for you to contact a plumber. Any situation that leads to water damage is a plumbing emergency. Your home does not have to be drenched in water to qualify for an emergency. Here is a list of some situations when we need an emergency plumber:

1. Flooding

Flooding is a clear-cut plumbing emergency situation. There are many reasons for flooding. The usual reasons for flooding are bursting of a pipe, clogged toilet or sink, and other related issues. The biggest fear of flooding is the damage to the house. Contact a plumber immediately to avoid any further damages. He will repair the flooding situation and take precautionary steps to avoid similar situations in the future.

2. Leakage or Burst in Pipes

As discussed above, a common cause of flooding is pipe burst. Even if it doesn’t cause a flood, it needs to be repaired. Shut down the water flow from the main valve, even before you call the plumber. It helps in preventing severe damages to your home. The damage is irrevocable if it drenches the floor or drywall, so act quickly and contact your plumber. He will try to establish the defective source of pipe and repair or replace it. He further checks all the water pipes to avoid similar faults from happening again.

3. Frozen Pipes

It’s a common issue in chilling places. During freezing weather, the water in the inner as well as outer pipes of homes freezes. With frozen pipes, you cannot get free-flowing water in your homes. Hence no water for drinking, taking a shower, and even flushing the toilets. Contact an emergency plumber, and don’t try to defrost the frozen pipes on your own.

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4. Toilet Overflow

No one can tolerate an overflowing toilet. It is an absolute emergency. To get out of this chaotic situation, you must take help from an emergency plumber. The cause of this messy overflow could be simple or could even be a severe plumbing fault. Till the plumber comes, make sure you shut off all the water supply to the toilets. Ensure that no one else uses the toilets during this time as this will only add to the problem.

5. Clogged Drainage

The common reason for a clogged or choked drain is food leftovers and grease. While clogging doesn’t seem to be a big issue, it can transform into an emergency if not tackled. Contact a regular plumber for common problems like water draining from drains and slight chokes before things become worse. If you wait longer and notice water filling your sink, then the time has come to contact an emergency plumber. It could also be a warning for sewage backup or a severe plumbing issue.

Things to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Everyone panics in case of emergencies. It’s better to be prepared for these situations and take preventive actions that could minimize the damage. I would recommend that you save an emergency plumber’s number for critical situations. Important steps to be followed in an emergency:

  1. Shut Down the Water Supply. It’s an essential step for any plumbing-related emergency. Shutting down the water supply prevents further damages to your home. Keep in mind that most of the water valves turn clockwise to cut down the water supply.
  2. Call a Professional Emergency Plumber. Call the professional and let him know about the problem. He will guide you for further actions to take while he arrives at your place. If he cautions to leave and stay outside the home, take his words seriously and wait outside for him to arrive.
  3. Switch Off the Water Heater. Turning off the water heater helps in preventing any severe damage to the heater. Major faults could also lead to bursting and overheating of units. For gas heaters, be sure to turn off the gas connection first.
  4. Deal with the Smaller Leaks. If you notice any minor leaks that are not very risky, you can cover them with towels or put buckets under them. Don’t forget to tell the plumber about all these leaks when he arrives.

Be Prepared for the Emergency

Don’t forget that prevention is the first thing that can protect our homes. Now you are aware of most of the plumbing emergencies, so keep yourself prepared. Take some time and explore the plumbing businesses or private plumbers in your area. Note the phone numbers of two or more plumbers to be contacted in an emergency. It would be better if you never require them but just be prepared.

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  1. Vivian Black December 14, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you for the tip when there is an emergency toilet overflow. I did not know to shut off the water supply to the toilet when this happens. I only knew to hold up the weight. This is a good idea. This home we are in has never had this problem. When the overflow happened, I wasn’t sure how to react, except to call an emergency plumbing service.

  2. Eve Mitchell November 2, 2021 at 10:27 pm

    A few weeks ago my husband and I have an overflowing toilet. After about 10 minutes it stopped, and we weren’t sure what happened to it. I’m thinking about calling an emergency plumber to make sure that it won’t start up again. Thanks for sharing that this could be a severe plumbing fault.

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