Electrical Upgrades You Can do Yourself

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Electrical Upgrades You Can do Yourself

Every homeowner is looking for ways of saving money. This is because owning a home is becoming expensive nowadays and the more avenues you have of minimizing your monthly bills, the more you will be better off. But how do you find those money-saving tricks? One excellent method is to examine all the electrical components and systems available in your home.

If you are still using old electrical components and systems in your home, there are high chances that you might soon need some electrical upgrades. By doing such upgrades to your electrical system, you will save few bucks every month. Here are some tips to help you get started as discussed below.

Install Smart Outlets

Smart outlets will give you a chance to regulate all the electrical devices that are connected to them using your Smartphone, timers or a remote. Appliances that are regularly plugged in consume a lot of electric power and thus cause your bill to go up, even when you are not utilizing them. A smart outlet will help you to control these devices, by unplugging them when you are away.

They also provide an added convenience- imagine they can help you to switch on your coffee maker while sleeping on your bed- this makes it a worthwhile investment. Moving around with smart outlets is a bit risky if you do not know how to use them; thus it is advisable to leave this job to electrical professionals.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Just like smart outlets, smart thermostats can help you to regulate the temperatures circulating within your home. You can program them to adjust the air or heat conditioning systems depending on how weather changes during the day or in some instances you can control them using your Smartphone think of how many dollars you could have saved if your heat and conditioning system was more energy efficient than it is now. Smart thermostats are easy to install and will be compatible with other existing setups in your home.

Use LED Bulbs

The traditional incandescent bulbs are no longer energy efficient. If you want to conserve energy, then you need to replace such bulbs with LED types of bulbs. LED bulbs are more advantageous because they will give enough light without them generating a lot of heat. They also consume less electricity meaning that you will not spend a lot of money on electricity bill to light your home. The good thing is that you can replace these traditional bulbs with LED types yourself without hiring an electrician.

Install Solar panels

Another great way of making your home more energy efficient is to make use of solar panels. Solar panels get their power from the sun; thus you will not spend money on oil or gas after you buy them. However, not every home is suitable for solar panels because they require a flat roof that faces the sun directly for a large part of the day. If your home is ideal for installation of such panels, then you will find that switching to solar panels will offer long term money saving benefits.

Electrical Upgrades You Can do Yourself - installing solar panels

Change Your Outdoor Lights

If your home has those outdoor lights, then you do not want them run throughout the night as that will be energy wastage. You can place your outside lights to use a timer or motion detector so that they can switch off when they are not in use.

This will minimize your energy cost and save you from purchasing light bulbs regularly. Depending on the number of lights you have and how you wish to regulate them, you may require the services of a qualified electrician to ensure that electrical system operates appropriately without any hitch.

When You Want to Minimize Monthly Bills, Start with Your Electricity

When you start to search for savings in your home, then your electrical system should be the first victim. There are several minor things you can do that can lower your electricity bill over time. The good news is that most of these things you can do them on your own without hiring an electrician. For those large tasks that you cannot handle on your own, it is advisable that you call a licensed and qualified electrician near you for installations.

If you have a lot of electronics in your home, then you need to think about purchasing a surge protector to assist you when there is an overflow of electric current that can cause damages in your home. There are various types of surge protectors available on the market, but surprisingly many consumers do not know that there is an inexpensive whole house surge protectors that they can buy to safeguard their homes. The good thing is that these models can protect your entire house from surges and thus safeguard it from electrical fires.

If you want to save a few dollars on electricity bills, then doing some electrical upgrades will be significant. Most people think that for them to make a substantial saving they have to invest a lot of money, which is not usually the case. Others wrongly believe that they only require the services of an electrician when an electric fault has occurred in their home. The good news is that there are some simple electrical upgrades you can do on your own that can help to minimize your electricity bills and thus save money. Here is a summary of DIY electrical updates that can have savings benefits in your home as discussed below:

– Install smart outlets to help you control the power consumption of all plugged in devices.

– Install smart thermostats for regulating the heat or air conditioning systems in your by making them more energy efficient.

– Replace the standard incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs to help you conserve energy and thus save money.

– Installing solar panels to reduce lighting cost in your home.

– Changing your outdoor lights to include motion detectors or timers to cut back on the electricity cost.

These are the five electrical upgrades that can help you save money in your home that readers wanted to know.

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