How to Observe Electrical Safety in The Workplace

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Nowadays, any workplace or office setting relies their operations on electricity. All this electrical equipment that people in the office use are potential hazards and can cause burn and shock injuries if you use or maintain them improperly. Plus, personnel in the office are not offered any specialized electrical training.

How to Observe Electrical Safety in The Workplace

Therefore, as you work around electricity and you are not qualified to handle any of its components. It is best to follow the electrical safety work practices to keep everyone there safe. Below are ways to observe electrical safety in the workplace.

Have qualified personnel handle live wires 

Sometimes in the office, you may encounter a live electrical wire. In such a scenario, it is best to stay away from it and have only qualified personnel who are well trained to work on them. If you are following the electrical safety precautions, it applies to hazardous electrical equipment. Therefore, any live electrical wires should only be sorted out and managed by qualified electricians from Nashville. So, it is best to notify them, any time you see a live electrical wire so that they put physical safety barriers in place.

Use electrical equipment safely 

Using electrical equipment safely will go a long way to ensure the safety of everyone at work. Therefore, every employee should care to handle electric cords well. To do this, they should not fasten them with staples, avoid overstretching the electrical cords, and always unplug cords correctly. Also, ensure that all the plugs and cords in the workplace are inspected visually for any external defects before using them. If there is a plug or cord that is damaged, avoid using that equipment.

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Beware of conductive materials and tools

If your area of work has an electrical hazard present, it is best to assume that the electrical parts are live. Thus, you need to act accordingly and start by not using the conductive tools next to that area. As you clean the area, note the cleaning materials that you are using as some of them can be conductive and you need to add extra caution. For instance, water-based and solvent cleaning materials conduct electricity, also metalized cloth, and steel wool. Therefore, keep all conductive tools away from electrical equipment or parts.

How to Observe Electrical Safety in The Workplace - tools

Prevent contact with live electrical current 

As you observe electrical safety in the workplace. Another way to stay safe is to keep away from electrical hazards. Plus, no unqualified personnel must come close or interact with currents that are more than 50V. If you have to work in this room or area, it is best to maintain a safe distance but ensure you notify the electrical professionals. Also, shut all panel doors and ensure your working space has no exposed wires before you start your work operations.

De-energize equipment

Before starting on your work, live electrical parts must be de-energized before any work around them is permitted. To prevent any accident from occurring, remove the electrical energy by tagging and locking out the electrical system according to your companies tag-out or lockout policy. Such policies exist to protect the workers from any potential electrical hazards during maintenance and servicing activities.

How to Observe Electrical Safety in The Workplace - de-energize

Install physical barriers around electrical hazards 

To protect employees from any electrical hazards it is important to have physical barriers. For instance, closing of cabinet doors on electrical panels. Also, panels should have no holes that can cause an employee to come into contact with exposed wires. In a case where an electrical hazard is not closed or cabinets stay closed. Use barriers, shields, or insulating materials. For instance, where an electrician is sorting out maintenance and the panel has to stay open, the use of physical barriers will be helpful to prevent others from entering that area. Also, the use of signs to warn employees of the hazard should be put and should be free from any obstructions.

How to Observe Electrical Safety in The Workplace - barriers

To conclude, it is vital to observe the above electrical safety ways in the workplace. Plus, always follow electrical safety work practices that the company has put in place. Since they are different from other companies depending on the electrical hazards and equipment in your workplace. Follow these practices to keep yourself and other employees safe.

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