Why Should I Get Educated on YouTube?

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The pandemic year gave the world time to reflect on the way we spend our lives. Millions quit their jobs in search of a career they would be passionate about. All over the world, people joined courses, read books, all in pursuit of developing their skills and educating themselves.

Why Should I Get Educated on YouTube

The following article will show you why YouTube is the platform of choice for education.

A Large Community

The comment section on YouTube videos hosts the second largest community of users. Discussions in the comments can be a great educational tool, adding to the knowledge acquired from the video itself. To get ahead of the multitudes of comments, buy youtube comment likes. Students benefit greatly when discussing subjects as they are being taught. Some of these discussions can be thought-provoking, and help you to understand the subject better. It is not disruptive to the class, as it is pre-recorded, so feel free to delve into the comments for more information.

Learn At Your Own Pace

If you have ever taken a course at one of those ed-tech platforms, you would have realised how fast-paced it really is. In reality, those platforms do not give you the time to pause, think, reflect and gather what is being taught. However, YouTube learning is different. Here you can take your own sweet time to understand the intricacies of a subject, course or strategy. For example, in recent months, many individuals are opting for affiliate marketing youtube videos. The simplicity of the same ensures complete understanding on the finer points of affiliate marketing.

Diversity of Subjects

There are probably educational videos on any topic you can think of – all in one place. Educating yourself on YouTube means you are not limited to the few courses available at your local community college. In fact, you might find that there are many different tutors available for you to choose from. You can even try watching a video (or part of one), as a tester. If, for instance, you watched a video and quickly discovered that it was either too difficult, too easy, or even if you do not feel that it is a suitable fit, there are thousands of other choices for you to try. The subjects discussed on YouTube are as diverse and varied as the human race.

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YouTube is mostly free unless you want to pay for their premium service. The premium service offers to get rid of ads, in addition to a relatively small selection of content from their top content creators. This means that for the most part, seeking education on YouTube is free. The only cost to you would be an internet connection and a device to watch from. At least half the world has access to the internet, so even people in some of the poorest countries can use YouTube to develop their skills and give themselves some form of education.

Experts Are On YouTube

There are a number of organizations that are dedicated to creating free online educational resources, such as Khan Academy, and Encyclopaedia Brittanica. A large portion of the content they provide is from the leading experts in their field. Traditionally, taking a course with one of these experts would not be readily available – and probably very costly. In contrast, YouTube offers you their expertise entirely free, just waiting for you to watch it.


Maybe you don’t have a home office, or you might not have the time to take a traditional class. Since YouTube is available on virtually any device that can be connected to the internet, you can take the course with you wherever you go. Watch it on your commute to work, or watch a short video before you sleep. If you’re hungry for knowledge, you can find the time – and the platform makes it easy. It even allows you to save videos for later viewing. Additionally, paused videos will always play right where you stopped them; even if you’ve opened up many others. You might not be able to get any certification for knowledge acquired on YouTube, but it is an important educational tool and information resource. For those looking to expand their knowledge base, it is readily available with millions of videos at the touch of a button.

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