How An Eavestrough Installation Can Affect Your Home’s Value

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Whenever heavy rainfall pours, homeowners need to have a system that directs rainwaters into a sewer system or drainage to prevent the dilemma of flooding. This is when the eavestrough installation comes in handy. To understand what an eavestrough is, you can break it down into separate words. The eaves refer to a roof’s sections extending over a wall, creating a clear drip line to protect the wall from rainwater. Meanwhile, a trough is a channel used to direct the collected rainwater. Therefore, an eavestrough is a channel connected to the eaves and helps direct rainwater from the roof and towards a drainage system or sewer.

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When looking for a new property, some homebuyers will check if the house has an eavestrough. So, if you are planning to sell your home in the future, it is important to understand how vital an eavestrough is for every household. This article will help you learn how installing an eavestrough can boost your home’s value.

Eavestrough Vs. Gutters

How are eavestroughs different than gutters? While they have a slight difference, eavestroughs and gutters are essentially the same, as the latter is a structure that also helps direct the water into a sewer or a drainage system. The only difference is that gutters can also be found along the streets, whereas eavestroughs are specifically installed on roofs. Simply put, a gutter is a more generic term, and an eavestrough is a type of gutter. There is no denying that it is best for every house to have an eavestrough so homeowners can mitigate the effects of heavy rainfalls. However, installing eavestroughs is best done by the professionals like Niagara Roof Masters.

Does Eavestrough Installation Affect Your Home’s Value?

Experts say that eavestrough installation doesn’t necessarily boost your home’s value. After all, eavestroughs are non-negotiable parts of any home’s roofing system–like a car’s tires. Homebuyers expect a home to have them to ensure good working conditions. However, a home without an eavestrough can significantly hurt your home’s value. If you don’t have any eavestroughs or the existing ones are broken, dirty, or improperly attached, you’re compromising your home’s structural integrity and longevity by leaving it open to other issues. These problems can harm the appraisal value when trying to sell. Sometimes, a damaged or missing eavestrough can even end the sale immediately. In that sense, an eavestrough does affect property value because it helps maintain the optimal condition of your house.

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How Does Eavestrough Installation Help Maintain Your Home’s Value?

  1. Protects Your Exterior

During every rainy day of the year, your eavestrough is on call to channel rainwater away from your home. This helps prevent potentially expensive and extensive moisture-related issues on your exterior while remaining out of sight. Water run-off that’s misdirected can ruin your exterior, go into the siding seams, and erode your home’s foundation and landscaping. Frequent exposure to moisture can cause materials to degrade. Excess water can also seep into exterior materials causing leaks inside your home. Plus, prolonged exposure to moisture on exterior surfaces can also cause mold and mildew, further deteriorating structure materials. Not only that, but it can also cause issues on your roof. Standing water can seep into your roofing materials, causing them to rot and deteriorate. While it’s more common in flat roofs, standing water may also occur in pitched systems. By installing eavestroughs, you can protect your roof, exterior walls, and foundation by channeling rainwater into a drainage away from your home.

  1. Keep Your Interior Dry

Eavestroughs are essential to keeping your home’s exterior and interior in great shape. If rainwater is allowed to seep into your roof, exterior walls, and basements, it can cause significant water damage inside your house. You’ll experience leaks in your ceiling and attic. Water seeping into your basement from the foundation can also cause issues with mold growth, flooding, and pest infestation. Rainwater splatter on window and door gaps can make its way into interior walls, causing ugly stains and mold growth that can be dangerous for you and your family.

  1. It May Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can have a significant impact on your home’s overall value. While most homeowners focus on trimmed hedges and well-manicured lawns, paying attention to your eavestrough may still help enhance the overall aesthetic of your exterior. However, you can only achieve this if you match the eavestrough to the material and color of your home. It should have the same color as your outdoor trim. Consider opting for a seamless eavestrough that looks more professional and tidier. Also, stick with the standard material tested for functionality and durability, such as aluminum, copper, and steel. In addition, install a gutter guard which prevents dirt and leaves buildup. Lastly, even the sturdiest and most appealing eavestrough will be useless if installed incorrectly. So, make sure to have it installed by a professional.


Eavestrough is the unsung hero of any home. They don’t receive much compliments as with a beautiful garden or a new granite kitchen counter. But eavestroughs play a significant role in keeping your home’s structural integrity intact. While eavestroughs don’t boost your overall home’s value, per se, like a window replacement or repaint job can, the lack of it can actively lower value and significantly affect the sale. So, if you are selling your property in the near future, it is best to consider installing an eavestrough.

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