These Affordable Solutions Will Help You Easily Maintain Your Pool

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Maintaining your pool is a hefty and time-consuming responsibility. Luckily, we’ve compiled some affordable and easy solutions for making sure your pool is always sparkling clean.

These Affordable Solutions Will Help You Easily Maintain Your Pool

You’ll find helpful tips on preventing algae growth, how to keep the chemicals balanced, and more!

Algae Prevention

This can be done first by investing in a solar blanket. If you have a pool that isn’t being used for months, this will help keep debris from getting into the water and forming algae. Proper pool maintenance needs to start with making sure the pool is free from algae. Add barley straw to your skimmer basket. This is an organic form of pest control crafted from compressed barley husks. It is an all-natural way to keep algae spores from growing. However, barley straw won’t get rid of existing algae. This can be done with a 3-in-1 pool tool. It is very gentle on the skin and comes in a convenient keychain bottle dispenser for easy use.

Preventing Scum Lines

There are two ways to prevent scum lines. If you’re heavy on the chlorine, it may be because your pool gets too hot. A solar cover will keep the water cool and reduce the amount of chlorine lost through evaporation. You can also help by adding non-iodized salt to your pool. This prevents calcium scaling which leads to scum line production.

Balancing Your Chemicals

You can buy inexpensive test strips to measure your pool chemicals easier without waste or guesswork. These will also keep you from over-dosing your pool with harsh chemicals. When the water is green, don’t panic! Use a flocculent that is organic and non-toxic. This is the best and safest way to clear up your pool without using anything harmful. Chemicals you should avoid include bromine tabs, Bromox, Bromide ion tablets. These chemicals can cause dangerous chemical reactions in your pool. Cloudy water can be remedied by using non-iodized salt (mentioned earlier) or acid washing the pool, without harsh chemicals.

These Affordable Solutions Will Help You Easily Maintain Your Pool - pool

Maintaining Your Water Level

There are two ways to maintain your water level. You can buy a solar pool cover that will help you reduce evaporation by up to 90%. If you’re not inclined to spend the extra cash, this is something you’ll need to do yourself by filling water into the pool manually. This should be done daily to make sure your pool doesn’t lose too much water. A water pump is also necessary for maintaining your water level. These inexpensive devices will make sure the pool doesn’t become too shallow to use.

Having Trouble with Your Water Slide?

Water slides are fun but can require a lot of upkeep. Make sure you balance the pH levels after heavy use otherwise it will wear down your slide and become unsightly. It is also important to keep safety in mind! Mark off a section in the pool area to ensure you have enough space for swimming and ample room for your slide. The water slide needs to be removed after every use. This will ensure it stays in good condition under all weather conditions and its durability extends for a longer period.

Swimming in Your Pool?

You’ll want to invest in some solar goggles to prevent blindness from chlorinated water which is caused by prolonged exposure of unprotected eyes. This includes when you’re lounging around the pool on a hot day and want to cool off by immersing for a quick swim. You can also help keep your pool cleaner by putting on some swim shoes. This will help with the bacteria buildup around the rim of the pool so you don’t track it into the water. All you have to do is to get some swimwear for boys and girls and you can swim int the pool with your family.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

Avoid using any type of bar or wire brushes as this can scratch up the surface and cause permanent damage. Never use a leaf rake as it will send debris flying into your pool which is unsanitary and hard to clean. Don’t ever leave harsh chemicals in the sun, especially chlorine tablets! This can lead to a nasty chemical reaction that can cause permanent damage to your pool. When it comes to the pool surroundings, avoid leaving any chairs or patio furniture facing the pool as this can increase the chances of slipping and falling into the water. This is a safety hazard as well as unsightly to have your belongings so close to your swimming area.

These tips for maintaining your pool are simple, time-saving solutions that won’t break the bank. Having a sparkling clean and safe pool will bring you years of fun and relaxation, and give you great places to host parties. Besides, maintaining a clean and healthy pool has never been easier than with these affordable solutions!

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