Driveway Designs That Are Worth Having

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In a home construction plan, the driveway is often planned last. Most homeowners often focus on the inside of their properties then on the roof, doors, and windows. Then they remember, yeah, a concrete driveway is needed!

Driveway Designs That Are Worth Having

With the help of a professional driveway contractor, you can still have a driveway that can complement your home’s current style. Here are some of the different driveway designs and options that you can pick from.


Since concrete is a very popular construction material, your first option might be to have a concrete driveway. It is easy to install, easy to design with different concrete applications, and it is easy to maintain. A concrete driveway is also affordable and finding a concrete contractor who can do the job is easy in Seattle. For the downside, your only worry is how it gets easily stained. You can easily spot gas and oil stains. Regular maintenance and cleaning are advised to keep your concrete driveway pristine and clean all the time.


If you are the type who spent most of your budget on your home’s interior design and iron fence and remembered that you still don’t have a driveway, you can proceed with having a very affordable asphalt driveway. For at least $2 per square meter, you can have a budget-friendly spot for your cars and be worry-free of mud whenever it pours. In addition, resurfacing and repairing asphalt surfaces is much easier and cheaper as compared to other surface types. For the downside, you have to consider the weather in your area if you are going to have an asphalt driveway. Most concrete contractors advise not to have asphalt in places where it tends to get too hot in the summer because it gets sticky and soft.


A turf driveway is a driveway that is made of grass and concrete or pavers. This is advisable if you have a large garden in your backyard and you don’t want to ruin that garden-like feel and want to keep the grasses on. A turf driveway is a very personal choice and is customizable. This means it costs a lot too! Of course, for eco-friendly individuals, this type of driveway is very appealing because of its sustainability. A turf driveway is not suitable for areas where extreme dry or cold weather happens. It also requires regular maintenance such as trimming and can be accidental-prone to elderlies because of its uneven surface.


If you are looking at your driveway as a long-term investment, you can invest in a paver driveway. This expensive driveway option can last for a century! Pavers come in different styles, designs, and installation patterns. It means you can install one and have it look like your home’s actual extension. Though very expensive, once installed, it wouldn’t require much maintenance from you so you can just drive in and out and enjoy how your beautiful paver driveway enhances the look of your home. Does it come with a downside? Well, pavers have gaps so you might see some weeds sleeping and growing in them. Just pull them out! When it snows, shoveling snow can be difficult as well with pavers.

Driveway Designs That Are Worth Having - stone driveway


For $1 per square foot, you can have a reliable driveway at home, and it is made of gravel. Installation of a gravel driveway is fast and cheap. If you have a wide and long driveway, having a gravel driveway won’t hurt your wallet much. Gravel comes in different colors too so you can choose a design that will match your style and current home design. The issue with gravel is how it can produce dust and makes your car dusty. You don’t just have to regularly wash your car; you have to do regular maintenance as well with this type of driveway. A gravel driveway can only last for a few years too.


Most homes with brick driveways are old homes. It matches those old stone houses and it adds to its classic look. Lastly, bricks are like stones and concrete, they are highly durable and can last a lifetime. Bricks driveway installation costs up to $30 per square foot, depending on the style and design. One of the good things about a brick driveway is you can replace each damaged brick one by one. You won’t need a concrete contractor to repair one. What to consider before having bricks as your driveway? Well, heavy traffic can cause bricks to easily loosen. It means you will have to watch out for bricks that are starting to loosen up and try to repair or replace them to prevent possible accidents.

Final Thought

If you are still not sure which driveway type suits your home, you can ask your contractor of concrete driveway in Seattle for options. Your concrete contractor can assess and check your location and current home design before suggesting the best driveway type to have.

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