What Kind of Drill Do I Need for Ice Auger?

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Do you live in an area surrounded by icy lakes and rivers? A cordless drill is perfect for breaking ice when you set out for fishing. The drill offers a better alternative to buying an expensive electric running auger that you may use only certain times of the year. Three things that matter for the kind of drill you can use for breaking ice must have excellent battery life, portable, and very durable. The next time you go for a fishing expedition, you no longer need to ask for the best tool to break ice because the cordless drill is a perfect choice for ice auger.

What Kind of Drill Do I Need for Ice Auger

Cordless drills offer you the best opportunity of digging out that stubborn piece of ice. In this post, we highlight the features of the kind of a drill you need for an ice auger. It is essential to understand some of the attachments that may enhance why we say a cordless drill is perfect for ice auger.

Guide to Buying the Best Drill for Ice Auger

Drills are generally powerful with a combination of power and speed when drilling than a hand drill. Many cordless drills are many in the market, landing you into more confusion on which one to purchase.

By highlighting some of the standard cordless features appropriate for ice auger, you should be able to pick the best.

Frame Construction

The method used in constructing a cordless drill is relevant, and check it before you make a purchase. The frame material should last long, given the environment where the device will operate. Low-cost materials will disappoint you, especially if the entire construction process is not sturdy enough. Therefore, a good construction model and materials should feature the kind of drill you want to break ice with.

Type of Motor

Motors with brushes used to be popular, but their low and constant speed, regardless of their resistance, forced a replacement. Brushless motors seem to be popular among anglers because of their versatility. The motors are known for speed, durability, and power. It is evident that you need an efficient motor that will make your work super straightforward.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is an essential feature for your drilling gear and it matters when working in areas with low lighting. Purchasing a drill without any form of lighting can make things worse if you did not carry an external source of light. Another advantage of having the LED lighting on the drill is using it at home when the drill is not needed.


The popular battery pack used in cordless drills for ice auger is the lithium-ion brand. The battery packs are lighter than other packs you know and are durable as well. The kind of power they produce is enough to handle most of your problems. When looking for the source of power, ensure it is getting it from a lithium-ion charge.

What Kind of Drill Do I Need for Ice Auger - ice auger

Torque and Speed Mode

A cordless drill that offers speed variation gives the best results. Purchase one with an easy to adjust clutch or torque to lower or increase the motor speed. Most cordless drills have a clutch for various speed adjustments. Therefore, buy a drill variable speed settings to get the best fishing experience. Check if the kind of cordless drill you have chosen has the features above before making the final decision.

Using Cordless Drill with Auger Adapter / Attachment

Ice auger attachments are the best way to make the cordless drills to work. They make it possible to drill through stubborn ice. You do not have to strain to look for the adapters because they are available at the nearest hardware store.

  • Ice auger adapters are meant to fit into the drill head using the provided kit. The attachment simplifies the drilling process and can save battery power.
  • Use a small adapter of about a 6-inch adapter to eliminate ice sticking on the drill.
  • Professional tip: use a horseshoe clamp and a thin piece of plywood to secure the auger as you drill the hole firmly

Final word

Improve your next fishing trip by investing in a cordless drill that is suitable for ice auger. Get the recommended attachments and make the fishing expedition a trip to remember.

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