The Wow Factor: 4 Dos and Don’ts of Exterior Coating

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It does not matter how lovely the interior of a home is if the exterior looks faded, outdated, and neglected. If a home does not look its best after years of neglect, it is time to renovate the exterior to look new again. It matters which exterior coatings are used and what projects are tackled first and last. Before starting a painting project there are a few jobs that need completing to facilitate the painting job. Clean up the whole house lot, getting rid of all garbage and piles of branches and other debris.

Dos and Don'ts of Exterior Coating

Now trim all of the shrubs and trees to make the yard look more attractive and well-maintained.

Work That Needs to be Done on a Home’s Exterior Before Painting

Though painting is an important part of improving a home’s curb appeal, there are tasks that should be completed before the painting starts. The homeowner can get an idea of tasks by contacting and other qualified exterior renovation and painting companies. There are new improved exterior coatings that go one step further than ordinary house paint to give the home exterior a finish that will last longer than regular paint and is easy to clean. But, some preparation work must be done first.

A new coat of paint or newer exterior coating will not be effective if the prep work is not done or the rest of the lot is not taken care of. Boosting a home’s curb appeal involves several tasks.

  1. Clean up the home’s exterior areas by getting rid of junk and refuse. Get rid of dead or junk shrubs or trees, and weeds. Mow the lawn and get rid of weeds and dead spots. Once there is a clean slate, add in some fresh greenery or flowers to highlight the home entry. When the area is clean, it will be easier for the painters to place ladders and do the painting.
  2. Power wash the home’s exterior features including the roof, siding, driveway, decks, and so on. Clean the gutters and repair them as needed. Paint and stain stick better to clean surfaces. Clean surfaces are easier for the painters to do pre-painting prep work and repairs on.
  3. Many times the exterior of a home needs more work than painting. Small defects, damages, and missing elements should be fixed so the home can look its best. Missing or torn screens, broken outdoor light fixtures, and so on should be fixed.

Dos and Don'ts of Exterior Coating - painter

When it is Time To Paint

Once the home is repaired and ready to paint, it is important to do it right for a long-lasting result. Exterior painting dos and don’ts include hiring a licensed, experienced painting company to do quality work that lasts. Do not skimp on paint or painters. Make sure the painting company uses the right paint formula or product for your home and the climate in your area.

It is important to carefully choose the home siding colors and trim colors to be attractive and to coordinate with other colors on the street. A home that stands out too much, might not be as easy to sell. If the block is full of brightly painted Victorian homes, choose a color scheme that will stand on its own among them. If the homes are painted in quiet neutrals, don’t paint with clashing bright colors. Your neighbors will thank you and your home will look right in place. Take special care to choose nice distinctive colors for the entry area so the home is welcoming.

When the home is painted the perfect colors and everything looks good, keep maintaining the yard and home. Maintenance can save a homeowner a lot of money in the future by avoiding costly repairs.

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