Does Apple Price Match? Getting the Best Deal on Your Apple Products

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So you want to sport the Apple icon, but you know just it’s way too expensive. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably asking questions like this: Does Apple price match? Can someone else be offering their products for lower?

Getting the Best Deal on Your Apple Products

Here’s how to save money on your favorite Apple products.

Does Apple Price Match?

The answer is both yes and no. Apple does not explicitly promote price matching for its products, but it does allow authorized resellers to do this independently. For example, Dell, the PC rival, specifically includes Apple on the list of retailers that they price match with. Due to the fact that Apple has famously embraced being the niche competitor to PC and Android brands like Dell, price matched products between these brands are rare.

Third-Party Sellers

These are some of the best and most known places to buy Apple products. Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target have lower price tags for older product models. Even though Apple itself doesn’t price match directly, valid retail sellers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target do. These are just a few of many certified retailers so be sure to check your options. This means that if you find a product in Walmart that’s cheaper in Best Buy, you can request that Best Buy match that price with a cheaper offer.

You must provide proof of the lower price and then wait for the information to be validated by the seller. Each seller also has specific price matching requirements that you must follow in order to quality and retailers even allow you to complete the process online. You can also try price matching with newer products but you’ll find better prices if you wait for seasonal sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

If you’re just looking for cheaper Apple accessories, look at Apple’s authorized reseller page which helps you navigate options based on your location. There are also third-party sellers that promote iOS software accessories. Whether you’re just trying to learn how to go incognito on Mac or you need virus protection, third-party sellers notarized by Apple can be helpful and affordable.

Phone Carriers

If you’re looking for more affordable iPhone options, one of the best solutions is phone carriers. This may be a more obvious solution or a last resort for some, but it comes with a lot of benefits.

The Benefits of Leasing

The trick is to embrace the idea of leasing a phone, which can be less attractive than owning the phone to some people. However, this is the same buying strategy for purchasing a car. Instead of paying an upfront cost, users can gradually pay off the phone at their own monthly pace to save their wallet and still use the product they want. Phone companies, especially the major ones, allow you to do this.

Most major phone carriers will have seasonal deals on expensive Apple products, so you have to be on the lookout. Sprint, for instance, had one of the best deals of the phone companies through March and April and offered an iPhone 11 lease for only $15 a month. In addition to the phone, customers could also receive a $100 prepaid Mastercard. The Mastercard bonus was also offered with a pre-owned iPhone X at just $6 a month.

Getting the Best Deal on Your Apple Products - apple products

Sometimes phone carriers offer sales that include products other than phones. As a part of Sprint’s March and April sale, customers could save 50% off an Apple Watch when they switch to Sprint. Other phone carriers offer even cheaper than $15 or $6 a month. However, these deals often come with strings attached. Many carriers require you to activate one or more phone lines just to qualify for the discount. Activation fees can also be a hefty contender with the overall price. For example, AT&T offered the iPhone XR for just $1 per month but required purchasing a new line and $30 activation fees.

Buying Older Phone Models

Many people want the latest iPhone as part of the trend. However, buying an older iPhone model is a good way to still sport the Apple brand without busting your wallet. Verizon offered the iPhone 7 for $0 a month and even waived the activation fee for a limited time. Outside of phone carriers, the iPhone 7 was offered at $119 on Amazon’s deals website, Woot. Prime members of course received free shipping.

Apple’s Certified Refurbished Page

If you’re looking for more than just a phone or you’d rather purchase directly through Apple, then the certified refurbished page on Apple’s website is perfect for you. Don’t let the word “refurbished” turn you off. Similar to leasing, an upfront purchase of a new product is often less satisfying for brand-lovers. The idea that a refurbished product involves trading the functionality of a new product for the lower cost of a used one is simply not true.

Know that refurbished Apple products are required to meet the same operational standards as new products. Apple guarantees a “like new” product by providing most of the features that come with a completely new product: a new outer physique, operating system, battery, cables, and accessories. The important thing is that your refurbished products will function and physically appear like a new product. Apple also promises to grant up to 15% on special savings, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but this can make an upfront price more affordable for some.

Apple Insider

This is an Apple community news and rumor resource that includes some of the most up to date discounts for various Apple products. Although its authority is disputed since it’s not owned by Apple, the website does include valid links that verify their information. Apple Insider also includes tools like price guides that help you consider costs for a variety of products.

What’s also unique about Apple Insider is their forums page where there are community conversations about specific products. If you want to hear perspectives about products from users, this is a good resource. You’ll also find community predictions on Apple Insider which can help prepare you for any anticipated discounts that Apple has yet to confirm.

Getting Discounts and Deals on Your Products

Now that you know the answer to “does Apple price match?” is complicated, you may be thinking about some of your other options. Apple may not be too outspoken about price matching, but you still can get the discounts and savings you need! The key is to be on the hunt for discounts and stay informed about the products you like. Are you interested in other tips that may be useful? If so, don’t miss the rest of our articles under the General Tips section!

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