Do you have a leaky roof?

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Having a leaking roof is never a good sign. There are all sorts of reasons it can happen, but letting it get worse is the last thing you want to deal with. When the rainy season starts, it makes repair so much harder to fix. Not to mention that the conditions that would prevent a roof repair company coming out in stormy weather…

Do you have a leaky roof

The problem with roof leaks is somewhat tricky since you don’t always see where the leak is coming from. You’ll sometimes see your ceiling has discoloration or is water stained. It might not show up so easily if you’re using latex-based paints either. So noticing that there is an actual leak is not until drips are starting to form.

This is also dangerous since water can rot wood inside your ceiling. Having a whole section break lose is an awful thought, but that takes years to happen. Especially if your house is over 60-70 years old, then it becomes a downright shame that it wasn’t fixed earlier. Older homes that have the old style of wood lathe strips and plaster covering can collapse in big sections. And fixing that is no easy task. This is why having your roof checked regularly is a good idea. Certain signs tell you where to look and what things should be upgraded. Here’s a good example of what to look for:

Even if a roof has gone through getting new shingles, the power of the sun is no match for modern materials. Shingles that use asphalt were incredibly popular in the 70 and 80, but they dry out and crack. Just like roads that are paved with asphalt, they get hot and crack too. But that’s not the only reason since your house is made of wood. It expands and shrinks as the heat of the day beats down. Connecting areas on your roof will be the most sensitive to this expansion and contraction process. Sloped areas of the roof where corners join together are also going to be at risk. Even where skylights are installed can have leaking issues if they were installed poorly.

Do you have a leaky roof - rain

It’s not so common that rooftop vents are supposed to leak, but natural settling of your house and weather elements wear away the sealants that are used to glue them into place. There is also the issue of events that can cause your roof to leak due to earthquakes or from high winds from a hurricane passing through. These can make your house jiggle like jello and small cracks can form on the roof that you don’t immediately see. So getting an inspection underway is a good idea, especially if you know what to look for. If you don’t, it’s best to call a professional. But a good eye standing up on a roof ladder is perfect to see the condition as-is.

You can opt to make a roof leak repair by your self using DIY tricks or call someone to have the roof fixed for you. In the end, if you can do it yourself you might save a few bucks. But if you miss something it can lead to more roof leaks than you wanted.

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