4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements

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Are you looking for some ways to update and improve your home on your own? There are tons of different easy do-it-yourself home improvements that you can try out to revamp your home.

4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements

Keep reading for a guide on some of our favorite easy DIY ideas that can help you improve so many different areas of your home. With these projects, you will see it doesn’t take much to make a big difference in your home.

Closet Cleanout 

Is your closet a disorganized mess? There’s a simple and affordable way to create a closet organizer that can save you tons of time, stress, and closet space. You can completely remodel your closet using wire shelving and accessories. Wire shelving can allow you to create space vertically, and this shelving type won’t gather dust the way a solid one would. Along with the shelving, you’ll need some basic hand tools. Make sure you have a level, drill, and hacksaw.

You will want to begin by measuring your closet dimensions. Then, buy shelving to fit within it in any variation you want. You can plan out your shelving arrangement using tape on the back wall of your closet. You may find entire closet kits at your hardware store that are complete with wire shelving and rods. When buying wall anchors, look for drill and tap in options that will go through many wall types, including drywall. You can use a hacksaw to cut wire shelving to fit your layout needs when necessary.

Once your closet unit is built, look for closet organization tools, such as baskets, shoe racks, and tie or belt hangers. This will allow you to stay organized while taking advantage of previously unused space. This project could take as little as half the day, and will likely cost around $200.

Statement Wall  

Does your home need a little more character and color? Making a single statement wall will do the trick, and can easily be done using wallpaper. The wallpaper trend is gaining popularity again over recent years, and there are so many different options to choose from. Adding wallpaper to one wall is a great way to avoid overwhelming your space in print while still adding some interest. Covering one wall is a more stylish and affordable option than covering an entire room. It also allows you to pick a bold print that would be too much for the entire room.

This works especially well in a room with plain walls, slim baseboards, and window trim. Applying wallpaper to a wall with built-ins will make this project more difficult and may appear busier. Begin by measuring the dimensions of the wall you wish to cover. Go to an interior design or wall-covering store to look for options that would look best with your home’s style and furnishings. Review your choice with an in-store specialist to make sure it’s the best option for your room.

Some papers can be difficult to hang, so it’s important to check the hanging instructions and look for an option with simile hanging methods. Before you begin hanging your wallpaper, make sure to smooth out any rough edges, and fill any holes. Rough spots may show through the paper, so sealing your wall with an acrylic primer before hanging your wallpaper may help smooth out the surface. This will also help you to slide the paper on more easily, and tighten all seams. This project will likely take one whole day, and could only cost around $120-150 depending on your wall size and the paper quality.

4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements - DIY flooring

Kitchen Upgrade 

Are you frustrated by how unorganized your kitchen cabinets get? Kitchen rollouts can be a great way to put an end to digging into the back of drawers for kitchen supplies. Adding this level of organization can make cooking and stacking items much easier and efficient. This is a great way to turn wasted cabinet space into accessible storage. You can buy pre-assembled kitchen rollouts from hardware stores. All you need to do is mount them to the existing shelves in your cabinet with four screws.

Make sure you measure your rollout unit correctly but measuring the front of the cabinet. Avoid ordering the wrong size accounting for other obstructions such as the door hinges. This project can take as little as 15 minutes per unit to install. Each rollout can cost as little as $40 depending on the size.

Improve Home Exterior 

If you’re looking to do some DIY projects outside, sprucing up the exterior of your home is a great place to start. Adding some detail to your entryway can add an inviting appearance, and you can do so by adding a simple border along your sidewalk or driveway entry. Lining this area with brick can add some color and character to this otherwise bland, concrete area. You can also consider repainting your door. Chose a fun, fresh color that accents your home. For inspiration, look at home and garden magazines. Updating small things such as your home address numbers and mailbox can give your home’s exterior a major facelift.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements 

If you’re looking for easy do-it-yourself home improvements that won’t break the budget, look no further. These easy projects can help update areas of your home that we’re previously disorganized or lacked charm. Try out some of these great DIY projects that can transform these areas of your home with ease. For more inspiration, head to the “DIY Projects” and “Home improvement” sections of our site.

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