Do Gas Boilers Need Servicing?

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If you are not sure whether or not gas boilers need servicing, the simple answer is Yes. Your gas boiler requires yearly servicing to extend the manufacturer’s warranty because failing to service it can lead to the manufacturer terminating the warranty. There are several other reasons why hiring a professional engineer to perform a gas boiler service is essential. Generally, it brings about the proper functionality of the boiler.

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Regular servicing also enables you to detect occurring problems earlier before they become substantial issues. It keeps the heating system effective. Even though your gas boiler still looks new, you shouldn’t think servicing it is not important. As long as you’ve been using it for a while, ensure to give it proper servicing to enhance its functions and retain its warranty. Continue reading to know some other reasons why servicing a gas boiler is essential.

Reasons Why Gas Boilers Need Servicing

You might ask why gas boiler servicing is vital; it doesn’t just increase longevity and effective performance but prevent other damages such as danger to health.

Below are the significant reasons why gas boilers need servicing:

For Safety

During servicing, your engineer can easily detect and proffer a solution if your gas boiler is releasing carbon monoxide into the air; which is a dangerous air pollutant that can make residents fall sick often and can even lead to death in severe cases. Carbon monoxide is hard to detect because it is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. Hence, you must conduct regular servicing on your gas boiler.

It’s Legally Required

As a landlord, you are required to keep your resident safe, and by law, you must check and service your gas boiler every 12 months to ensure it poses no threat to the lives of people around. This rule covers gas boilers as well as other gas equipment. However, a tenant should know a landlord is not responsible for safety checks of any of his or her personal gas appliances.

Reduction In Bills

Servicing a gas boiler reduces spending because a more efficient boiler costs less to run. During servicing, engineers will conduct thorough checks to detect and fix any possible faults; this increases your boiler’s effectiveness, leading to less gas use and fewer bills.

Insurance Requirements

Most insurance policies require you to consistently maintain your gas boiler by servicing regularly. This is done to ensure the gas boiler is safe to use. An annual servicing satisfies most insurance policy requirements; failure to do that invalidates their policy. If you are unsure what your insurance policy entails, it’s best to check with your agency, which will advise you on what to do.

Spend Less On Repair or Replacement 

Regular servicing of your gas boiler will keep down your spending on expensive repairs or buying a new one entirely. Regular servicing enables the engineer to determine problems earlier and fix them before they develop into severe damage that will require more money to repair or replace.

Keeping Warranty

Warranties are safer when it comes to replacing a piece of equipment. To be able to enjoy this benefit, there are conditions you need to satisfy. If your gas boiler is under warranty, you must maintain it by servicing it yearly to keep it in good working shape. Doing this helps you keep up your warranty. Failure to do this makes you lose your warranty.

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Signs Your Gas Boiler Needs Servicing

Various signs indicate your gas boiler needs servicing. You may notice that the boiler takes too long to heat up or other problems. When you notice any change in the working condition of a gas boiler, ensure to reach out to a professional before it becomes more damaged. We talked to experienced boiler service engineers at Corgi gas who are located at 49 Pendragon Rd, Bromley BR1 5JZ, United Kingdom and below are the significant signs your gas boiler needs servicing. However, if you need urgent boiler service in London and South London I suggest you give them a call as soon as possible at +44 7795 034003.

1. Leaks

If you notice a leak from your gas boiler, it can be a sign the gas boiler needs an engineer’s attention; a delay can lead to a bigger problem. Ensure to call a professional immediately.

2. Clogged Filters

Gas boiler filters become clogged over time, which can lead to your boiler malfunctioning. When you notice the filters are clogged, ensure to reach out to a professional to make a change. Also, ensure you change your filters monthly to ensure proper functions.

3. Lack Of Maintenance

If you own a gas boiler and can’t remember when you last serviced it, it’s about time you call on a professional to service and check all the parts to fix any possible damages to ensure a warm winter.

4. Gas Leakage

If you notice your gas boiler is leaking gas, turn it off immediately and avoid doing anything that can result in a spark or cause a fire. Call on a professional to rectify this fault.

5. Hissing Sound

If your gas boiler produces a hissing sound, it indicates a fault that requires attention. It might be something within your capability, but if you notice it’s more than your ability, ensure to involve a professional, or you might be faced with a total breakdown.

6. Slow To Heat Up

You can quickly get your gas boiler to heat up correctly, but in circumstances where you tried to, and it’s beyond your ability, get an engineer to help you service your boiler.

7. Damaged Combustion

If you discover the combustion process and pilot light aren’t functioning as they should get an engineer to fix the problem because this process is what aids your gas boiler to heat up water. If the combustion is working well, the boiler should function properly too.

How Often Should Gas Boilers Be Serviced?

Knowing that servicing your boilers is vital, you might wonder how often you need to do this. To ensure the smooth running of a gas boiler, provide service once a year. Failure to do this can incur higher bills, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other dangers. This yearly service assures you that gas Boilers are running effectively.

When To Get Gas Boiler Serviced

Summer is the best time to get your gas boiler serviced to ensure you are prepared for winter. Also, engineers are less busy this time of the year as most of the gas Boilers break down during the winter season. Ensure to take note of the date your gas boiler was serviced to know when it will be due for the next service. Your boiler might be due for servicing if it’s up to 12 months since you installed it or you last serviced it. If this is the case, quickly look for an engineer to perform another service to function and avert damages properly.


By now, you know that your gas boiler needs to be serviced regularly just like some other appliances that are important to you. And a gas boiler servicing is all about an engineer looking at any signs of damage, leaking, and other probable faults to fix. It’s not that expensive to service your boiler. It only costs between 60£ to 90£. So, call on an Engineer immediately if you think you need to service your boiler.

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