10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed

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Are you tired of your plain old bed and linens? Well, the good news is you can skip all that dullness without breaking the bank. We have come up with 10 tips for DIYing an awesome bed that can instantly elevate your room. Not only will you be able to make your bed just the way you want, but your bed can achieve many functionalities, such as storage.

10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed

Additionally, we have a fun DIY for breakfast-in-bed, so keep reading to learn more.

10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed

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1.   Create a Rustic Headboard

Rustic furniture is becoming increasingly popular. From bedrooms to the living room, rustic modern design is showcased in most high-end stores. Firstly, you need to decide whether to make an entire bed frame or switch out your existing headboard. You will need large slats of darker-toned wood to start in either case.

If you decide to make just the headboard, you need five two-by-four-inch slats. Moreover, if you have an existing bed frame, the length of the wood will depend on that. In addition, you will need:

  • Two-inch screws
  • Two half-inch pocket hole screws
  • Electric/manual screwdriver
  • Wood glue

Arrange the wood pieces on the floor with the good side facing the floor. After that, add two to three pieces of wood perpendicular to the five pieces you laid. Start attaching the wood pieces using screws. You can also put some wood glue between the two-by-four-inch pieces for extra support. Finally, screw your new headboard into your bed frame or on the wall above your bed.

2.   Create a Minimalist Headboard

If you like to keep things simple, you can try making a simpler minimalist headboard using lighter-colored wood. Alternatively, you could paint an existing headboard and/or bedframe using a simple, eye-catching color. Adding a splash of paint is the easiest way to provide your bedroom with a pop of color and vibrance.

3.   Create a Tufted Headboard

If you’re not one for minimalism, you might want to try something a little fancier. In such a case, an elegant tufted headboard might be your best bet. They are relatively easy to DIY, as you can make them in any shape, form, or color you’d like. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Three-inch-thick foam
  • Fabric
  • Half ball cover buttons
  • Spray adhesive
  • Nails and a hammer

The process is pretty straightforward. Spray your existing headboard with a layer of spray adhesive. Next, stick the foam to the headboard. After that, add another layer of spray adhesive and lay out your fabric. The next step is to mark out where your buttons are going to go. Once you’ve got an idea of the layout, begin adding your buttons. Fold any excess fabric to the back of the headboard and secure it with a nail.

10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed - headboard

4.   Build a Pallet Bed

Pallet beds are another popular DIY trend. To begin, find one or two wooden pallets that fit your preferred dimensions and give them a good sanding using an electric sander or sandpaper. Once the surface is smooth, take out your brushes and paint them whatever color you prefer. If using more than one pallet, stabilize the pallets by nailing them together. After that, place your mattress on top and add your bedding.

10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed - pallet bed

5.   Skip the Headboard Altogether

If you want a much more minimal design, you can skip the headboard entirely. Instead, paint the wall behind your bed with any design or color you wish. Feel free to add two or more large pillows on your bed to offset the empty space. As a result, your room will look more open and spacious.

6.   Make a Canopy

A canopy is another excellent way to DIY an awesome bed. All you need is a large hoop, a hook, and some soft fabric or netting. Attach the fabric to the hoop, glue it down, and add the hook. Attach the hook to the ceiling and adjust your fabric as needed.

7.   DIY Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to make your room cozier. You can DIY throw pillow covers to make them match the theme of your room. Moreover, feel free to experiment with different textures and materials as well. You can even DIY new pillows using the filling from older, worn-out pillows.

8.   Hairpin Legs

If you want to make your bed more modern, switch your bed’s existing legs with hairpin legs. This might be a little difficult if you haven’t handled larger DIYs before. However, you can easily do this DIY with a little help. Simply take apart the bed frame, unscrew the existing legs, and drill in the hairpin legs. After that, reassemble your bed.

9.   Add Tassels

To add more color to your sheets and pillows, feel free to attach fun and colorful tassels to their borders. If you want something less playful, opt for larger earth-toned tassels.

10. DIY a Bed Tray

Want to have breakfast in bed but are afraid of spilling it all over? A DIY bed tray is just what you need. Take a piece of wood and attach four legs to it. You can either use premade metallic legs from the store or make your own. Even better: you can make a folding bed tray using hinges. A foldable tray will save some space in your room.

10 Tips for DIYing an Awesome Bed - bed tray


If you’re looking to DIY a bed, the ideas above are sure to bring a stylized vibrance to your bedroom. Creating your own headboard, DIYing throw pillows, or building a bed frame out of pallets are great ways to DIY a stylish, trendy bed. We hope you’ve enjoyed our 10 tips for DIYing an awesome bed. If you’ve been meaning to take on a DIY project, now is the time.

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