5 DIY Ways to Update Your Home

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If you’re feeling a bit tired with the way your home looks or feel it needs a refresh, then check out our five top tips for how to do up your home yourself and on a budget. These are great ideas for a quick overhaul of your home without a lot of time, effort, or money involved.

5 DIY Ways to Update Your Home

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Refresh Your Kitchen

A new kitchen or newer-looking kitchen can really spice up your entire home. If you enjoy hosting or simply cozy nights, then feeling at ease in your own kitchen is a must. You can get a whole new kitchen renovation that can last up to ten years from pros, like GTA Kitchen Renovations. If you don’t want an entirely new kitchen, there are some great DIY options, such as painting cupboard doors or replacing the work surfaces.

2. Invest in Plants

A less expensive way of refreshing your home is to invest in plants and flowers. Not only do they look nice but they can also improve your health. Plants are excellent for purifying the air and reducing stress. By simply putting flowers in a vase, you can find a whole room transformed. If you want to make a room interesting, consider buying a large plant to add height, or encourage it to climb up the wall for living wall decoration.

3. Organize

Is your home a little bit beyond messy to be classified as “lived-in”? Try decluttering. This will make your home neater, tidier, and instantly look more loved. If you have a messy cutlery drawer or papers just lying around, sort through them and organize them. An organized home will also help you feel better. If you’re feeling embarrassed about having friends over for dinner, then this is your sign to organize, declutter and refresh your space.

5 DIY Ways to Update Your Home - soft furnishings

4. Switch Up the Soft Furnishings

If you fancy changing your color scheme without repainting every single wall – then why not change your soft furnishings for alternatives. For example, if you currently have pink cushions and blankets, try exchanging them for green or whatever color you take a fancy for. Adding blankets and cushions to a drab sofa can give it a new lease of life and totally change the ambiance of a room. If you like minimalism, stick to one color palette like beige or cream for that clean, sleek but cozy look.

5. Create a Book Nook

A book nook or reading corner is a new social media craze and it’s easy to see why. These little nooks create a warm atmosphere and a little sanctuary for you to sit in peace and read your book. There are fewer things in life that are so special as snuggling up in a little corner in your home with a good book, a lit candle, and a hot mug of tea. Book nooks are easy to create. If you want to create a dream book nook, then place several bookcases beside each other and have comfortable seating ready with lots of blankets and cushions. However, if you just want a simple and easy space, then a cushion and book are all you really need. You can make it as creative or simple as you want. It’s your vision.


Your home and you both deserve an upgrade, so begin by trying one of these five tips today! It’s easy to see a huge difference in your home with a new kitchen, a lick of paint, or switching out some cushions. Your home should be your sanctuary, so why not give it the special treatment it deserves?

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