Easy DIY Ways to Make Your Plants Grow Healthier Than Ever

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Any gardener will be able to recite a story of the hardest plant they’ve ever tried growing. Every DIY grower will have one. That is until someone else gave them a tip or a trick for how to grow it properly. Some will discover this monumental news on their own and others will try for years without reaching a solution.

Easy DIY Ways to Make Your Plants Grow Healthier Than Ever

Gardening is for everyone, it’s unfair to keep trade secrets to yourself, which is why we are going to take a look at some home-grown ways to help you with yours.

The Kitchen Compost Heap

In the last few years, there have been many recycling initiatives put in place to help our planet. One of these initiatives was making use of our food waste. The keen gardeners in the room will tell you they’ve been using this trick for quite some thyme (pun intended). Have a small pot or bucket in your kitchen for all your food waste, from eggshells to vegetable cuttings. Using this waste to make your own compost is a great way to boost your plant’s health. Compost releases all its nutrients slowly which means if you continue to use your own brand, you won’t need to use any chemicals for years at a time. Again better for the environment.  Eggshells, in fact, have an even better superpower for those plants that don’t like acidic soil. The shells are made from 93% calcium carbonate which is known to lower acidity. The only thing to remember is to wash them out before putting them in the heap.

Leaf It Alone

Most people will collect all their leaves from the garden, bag them up, and throw them to the curb. This isn’t something you should be doing if you want to utilize everything that’s in your garden. Instead, collect them and use them! Leaves contain a fair amount of trace minerals, they retain moisture, they make heavy soils lighter, and they attract earthworms. A gardener’s dream. Turn them in with your soil and watch the benefits grow.

There are plenty of tools on the market for you to collect your leaves. From leaf blowers (and some large hand paddles) to a range of different garden rakes. If you have a large garden then this might become quite the chore which is why it’s best to read real garden gear reviews from other gardeners to ensure you get the best product for the job at hand. For those with small gardens, it might be a little easier but it’s still worth buying a product that’s going to execute the job well.

Save Those Coffee Grounds

It’s said that around 107 million Americans drink coffee every day. That’s half the population. So it’s safe to say most people are probably going to have some coffee grounds in their home at some point. Instead of throwing them in the bin, or down the drain (you’ll clog it up!), you can utilise them for your garden.

Easy DIY Ways to Make Your Plants Grow Healthier Than Ever - amazing garden

There are a few ways of doing this, but first, you need to discover which plants are going to enjoy a cup of joe as much as you do in the morning. Plants that like acidity are going to really enjoy it, such as blueberries, roses, tomatoes, and rhododendrons. You can sprinkle the coffee grounds over the top of the soil and then water after you have finished or you can give them a real treat. With the leftover coffee grounds, fill it back up with water and let it stew for up to a week. This is called garden coffee – use this to water your plants and they’ll have a caffeine hit like you and me.

Have A Banana

Most of us enjoy bananas as a tasty treat. One we can have on a daily basis without worrying too much. But don’t deprive the roses of a treat! They love banana skin so instead of throwing it in the trash keep them. Bury them in holes alongside the rose bush and allow it to compost naturally. Another way is by chopping up the peels and burying them in the soil when you plant tomatoes or even green pepper plants. This will enrich the soil and make your plants much stronger.

Gardening is a brilliant hobby, but an even better skill. Those who can cultivate numerous crops in the same garden without trouble have super hands. These household tips will hopefully get your garden singing quicker than if you didn’t use them. Remember to check which of your plants enjoys an acidic soil, which enjoys neutral, and which enjoys an alkaline. Happy gardening.

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