5 Awesome DIY Tips To Help Keep Your House Clean

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Cleaning your home isn’t a fun chore but it is one you have to do it on a regular basis. If you don’t clean often enough it builds up to an overwhelming amount of work that just may never get done. No one wants to deal with that, so regular cleaning is a good idea. Keeping something clean is much easier than cleaning a home that’s become dirty and unenjoyable to live in. Everyone needs a few tips on how to best keep their home clean and easy to enjoy. From someone focusing on carpet cleaning in Littleton to a busy mom needing quick DIY fixes in Minnesota, there’s always a tip that will work for you that you probably haven’t even used yet.

5 Awesome DIY Tips To Help Keep Your House Clean

If you’re wondering what some of those tips might be, stick around. Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to see if there’s something new for you to try. Here are five awesome (they actually are pretty awesome) DIY tips to help you keep your house clean.

Contain The Day To Day Discards

There’s likely an area in your home that tends to house everything that you put down during the day. It’s where the kids toss their backpacks when they get home, it’s where mail ends up, it’s where shoes go when you walk in the door. Whatever your high traffic area is, there’s likely also a pile of discarded items that are waiting to be put away. Leaving everything where it’s dropped can get cluttered quickly and it can make you feel like your home isn’t as clean as it actually is. The best way to manage this is to contain the discards, literally. Put a basket or some other kind of container in the areas where discards tend to migrate in your home. Make sure you put everything in the basket. Then you can schedule a time each week to go through the basket and put everything away. Keeping your discarded objects contained will be an easy way to manage the mess and make you feel a little less stressed out. Just make sure when you’re using this tip that you don’t let the basket go for too long. Focus on setting that day every week you read about so the mess is easily managed and you can get back to other things.

Wipe Your Shower Down Every Day

Does this sound like something that’s going to be too much of a hassle? Give it a chance before you make a final decision. After you take a shower this trick can go a long way, and it can be done in about five minutes. The point is to keep your clean shower, well, clean. This way you don’t have to worry about scrubbing a tub that’s been neglected for a week or two. Spray your shower down right after you’re done using it for the day. You can use whatever your favorite   cleaner is, then follow the spray with a squeegee. Go from the top to the bottom and you’ll have a shower that stays sparkling clean and doesn’t have any soap buildup. Yes, it might add a few extra minutes to your shower routine but it saves so much time in the long run.

Use “Set It And Forget It” Methods To Clean

Did you know you can let some things just clean themselves and come back later to wipe things up? It’s true. The best part is a lot of these methods involve using things you already have at home like baking soda. Start out by sprinkling some banking soda over your stovetop. Spray a watered down vinegar solution over it and let the reaction do the work. You can let the mixture sit on your stovetop for about an hour and then come back and wipe it all away. No scrubbing, and as a bonus, no harsh chemicals to worry about little hands getting into. Use the same basic idea for hard water stains in your toilet. Mix up a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and a few drops of lemon essential oils and pour it into the toilet. Once again you can let this one just sit until you come back. Give it at least 30 minutes, but stains that are really stuck (like rusty colored water stains) may take longer. Then come back and give the toilet a quick scrub and flush it all away. It’s a great method to use even if you have a septic system to worry about. Everything is very flush friendly in this mix.

5 Awesome DIY Tips To Help Keep Your House Clean - baking soda

Your Microwave Can Clean Itself Too

A little different than just letting things sit and coming back, but still a lot less work than scrubbing out stains because someone forgot to cover their food. It can also be a bit of a two for one deal this time around. Soak a sponge in vinegar and water, then place it in the microwave. Set the microwave on high for about 2 minutes. Let the steam and vinegar get to work on the stuck on food while you relax. When the 2 minutes are up just wipe everything down and move along to the next task on your list. While your microwave is being cleaned by the steam your sponge is also being sterilized. Since sponges can easily build up bacteria it’s a great way to get two things done at once. You’ll have a cleaner microwave and a clean sponge with no gross build up. Totally worth it.

Repurpose Your Coffee Filters

Chances are you have a ton of coffee filters in your home already. Most homes have a coffee drinker or two, and coffee filters come in pretty large quantities in most packages. While you’re using them for their intended purpose you can also get away with using them creatively as well. Coffee filters make for great dusters. You can use them to wipe down especially sensitive things like your TV or computer screen without worrying about scratching anything. Think of them as a dust cloth you didn’t have to buy separately. It’s another situation where you’re basically getting a two for one deal out of your cleaning tools. You’ll be glad you tried this one when you see how well it works.


You’re never going to be able to get away with not having to clean your house at all. There’s always something you’ll end up needing to straighten or clean. Keeping tips like these in the back of your head will make things easier though. When you can use these ideas to multitask and get things done quickly it means you’ll spend more time doing fun things and less time worrying about scrubbing down your home. Use that extra time to do something fun because you’ve definitely earned it. Great job!

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