DIY painted furniture ideas and inspiration

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Are you getting tired of your old, boring furniture? Don’t think that just because you’ve grown tired of them you already have to buy new ones and throw or sell the old ones away. With a little creativity, you can make your old furniture look like it just came from the store. If you don’t know anything about painting about painting furniture you can learn it from our Furniture restoration tutorial.

chalk painted cabinet

If you’re the type of person who does not mind spending his or her time on personal DIY projects, then these tips are perfect for you. With just a touch of paint and your own creativity, you can spruce your old furniture and give it new life. You can try with paint sprayers then shift to paintbrushes. Using a paint sprayer will be making your job 10x easier than paintbrush.

Read on for the top DIY projects you can take on. It may require some time and effort but when you see the transformation, you’ll find that it will be worth it.

Go bold with geometric patterns

Add a little spice to your dressers or cabinets by creating geometric patterns to make pop out. You can even mix and match different colors to see what would best fit your design aesthetic. If your dressers or cabinets are plain white, you can try and paint them a solid color first, then choose another complimentary color for your geometric pattern. As for the geometric pattern, you can go simple with plain lines or basic figures like squares or triangles. Or you can make it a little more interesting and try to go for more complicated patterns. You can look for inspiration on the Internet to give you an idea of what patterns you can incorporate.

DIY painted cabinet

Dress them up with a floral design

Have you been wanting something different for your bedside table? If you are creative, you can paint a floral pattern on them if you want a more feminine touch instead of the geometric pattern that was previously stated. If you’re an avid artist, you can just freehand the pattern, but if you’re not really good at drawing, there are stencil patterns that you can avail of in stores. If it is your first time to

Go bright with a pop of color

It’s the easiest project of the bunch. All you need to do is choose a bright color to make furniture more attractive. For example, your old kitchen cabinets can be painted a bright yellow. This not only makes it more beautiful but will also bring a cheerful atmosphere to your kitchen. You can do the same to any room in the house. Your headboard can be painted to a bright, bold blue or your dining chairs can get a makeover when you paint them dark red. The possibilities are endless, just do a little research on the type of paint and finish you want for the furniture you will be painting.

All it takes is a little ingenuity to spruce up old furniture and make it look brand new and more interesting. And if you want, you can even buy some new pieces to compliment your newly-painted furniture. You can even visit better stores like Furniture4YourHome and check out their line of painted furniture that would go well with any of your old ones that you have repainted.

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