5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint

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Oil painting ideas may assist you in creating better artworks, and understanding oil painting can make you happy once you see how realistic this art can be. Its techniques are available in a number of styles that are both effective and well-designed. Simple themes, such as still lifes, might help you polish your talents if you’re a novice. You can progress to more difficult topics like portraits and landscapes later.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint

Let’s see some greatest but most basic oil painting ideas for you to attempt today in this post.

Basic Tips for Beginners

There are many different components to oil paintings. You only need to step into an art gallery to see how oil paint can be utilized in so many different ways. The best strategy is to get a thorough grasp of each one individually. Oil painting techniques are available in a number of styles that are both effective and well-designed. Preparing your canvas is an important but sometimes forgotten process. You must ensure that your canvas is adequately gessoed. This is typical of most pre-primed canvas purchased from an art store. Taking the largest brush you’re comfortable with and upsizing it is a simple method to improve your painting skill. A big brush has a big impact on your painting since it causes you to be more deliberate and precise with your strokes.

For many color options, oil painting might be intimidating for beginners. Don’t worry! You can consider M Graham Oil with a higher pigment content and a longer open time to make painting sessions simpler. One another of the most crucial tips of oil painting, especially whether you’re working wet on wet, is to use fat paint. The purpose for painting thick layers over thin ones is because the layers on top of your canvas must dry slower than the coatings on the bottom. If you don’t do so, the paint will split as it dries.

Best Painting Ideas with Oil

Painting from real-life subjects is a fantastic way to improve your observation skills. Observe colors in real life rather than in a photograph or on a monitor. Start with basic composition, such as these ideas below:


A flower is one of the nicest and easiest things to tackle with your oils and nearly any painting media. Begin by drawing a flower and then painting the background crimson. After that, work on the blossoms and stems while keeping the backdrop clean and safe.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint - flowers

Figures are not required in every flower painting. This peony abstract artwork gives the impression of blossoming without being overly detailed. This is one of the greatest oil painting ideas for newbies that can be done on canvas or paper. When you have completed one oil painting, you will undoubtedly get a deeper understanding of the paint.


People often say that you can paint anything if you really can paint an apple. Although an apple is a simple subject to paint, it teaches painters how to precisely represent light, values, and form. Fruit offers an excellent subject for utilizing gouache paints since it includes powerful pigments and the tones of fruit are bright with this media. Even commonplace items like onions may be used to make oil paintings. When it comes to canvas painting, oil painting is one of the simplest mediums to learn.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint - fruit


Animals and pets are excellent painting topics. Painting or drawing an animal from life is often a fun task. If you have a cat or dog, wait until they’ve had a chance to relax before drawing or painting them. When animals are continuously darting about, clawing, or overall being irritating, it’s difficult to sketch them. If it is to hard for you then should look for instructions on drawing a cat tutorial.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint - animals

You can also accomplish a horse painting successfully if you grasp the reference and drawing method. When you’ve completed sketching, try choosing your shades and start coloring the base. After you’ve completed shading and illuminating the horse’s face, contour the features and build the backdrop.


Landscape drawings are an excellent approach to plan themes and swiftly develop abilities. A picture of a mountain with some landscape is also quite popular. You can give it a try and continue to practice to enhance your painting skills. A stroll in the garden or a wildflower near you might provide you with ideas. From your window, you can see the beautiful countryside. Trees are also a tremendous source of inspiration. Even the hues of each season are sufficient to inspire you to make artwork.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint - landscape

We can create mesmerizingly lovely clouds in an oil painting. Start by drawing out your clouds, which are common in landscape painting. Light and shadow textures are equally crucial in this beginner-friendly oil painting design.


Painting the water is a wonderful way to unwind. Most of us have an instinctive connection to the sea. Looking out over the boundless horizon and the rhythmic movement of the waves is a topic of eternal wonder. If you’re fortunate enough to live near the coast, you’ll never run out of ideas to work with. You could truly paint the ocean in all its beauty, with its shifting moods, colors, lighting conditions, weather, rhythms, and tides, by setting up your easel in the same position every day.

5 DIY Ideas That You Can Do With Oil Paint - seascape

With such a turquoise blue ocean wave, you can add movement and excitement to any scene. You may make turquoise blue by combining phthalocyanine and lemon yellow. Other pigments, on the other hand, can be mixed together to achieve similar colors.


There is no simpler way to begin a painting than with the tiniest part on your canvas. Sometimes the greatest approach to get started painting is to simply enjoy yourself. It’s time for you to use these oil painting ideas and all of your colors and paint over everything.

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