Easy and Effective DIY Home Security Hacks

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Whether you’re a renter or you own your own home, a home is never a home without security. A home is somewhere you feel safe and secure. It is somewhere that you feel comfortable putting your deer possessions… somewhere that you feel at ease that your family and other occupants are safe and secure. This is the major reason why many homeowners and landlords of rental residential property find the need to invest in home security systems, which can sometimes be overly expensive.

Easy and Effective DIY Home Security Hacks

However, did you know that you can improve your home’s security without having to spend an arm and a leg or break the bank? Read along for some easy and effective DIY home security hacks and tricks.

Upgrade Your Locks

Burglars improve their tactics with time, and the professional ones will pick just about any kind of lock that requires a key to manually open or close them. Thanks to technology advancements of this age and day, however, smart locks that require you to enter a passcode (sometimes alongside a physical key) for the door to open or close are available. It is highly unlikely that a burglar would manage to pick the lock and know your password combination at the same time. Furthermore, they’re widely available and in case you need to rent out part of your home as Airbnb for tourists and travelers, you simply have to search the internet for the best smart lock for airbnb and you’re good to go. These locks are highly affordable and most of them can be installed without the need to hire a locksmith or lock installation specialist.

Reinforce Your Doors

Most burglars enter their target homes using either the front door or the back door. Sometimes door locks alone are not enough and if your door jambs or frames are weak, it makes the job easier for burglars. Depending on the neighborhood you live in and the crime rate statistics of the area, it may also be a good idea to consider reinforcing your door jambs. You can do this by adding material such as a strip of metal or wood to make it harder to break into.

Consider Alarm System Decals

Would-be burglars tend to stay away from homes that have alarm systems in place. How about faking it, and installing decals that get people to think your home is protected by an alarm systems company? Alarm system decals are simply stickers or notices that send the message that your home is fitted with an alarm system, and this scares potential burglars off. Widely available online, security alarm decals are an inexpensive way DIY approach that most property owners use to improve security on their property.

Cater To Your Landscaping

Untrimmed bushes and lawns can create a perfect hiding place for criminals who intend to get inside your home and rob you. Especially if you’re planning on being away for a while, simply trimming or pruning your trees or bushes, mowing your lawn, and keeping your landscaping neat can deter potential intruders, thus helping improve your home’s security.

Consider Getting a Security Dog

Easy and Effective DIY Home Security Hacks - security dog

Nothing scares burglars away more than a barking dog, not forgetting the thought of being bitten. Having a canine friend in your home can be an awesome DIY move to improve security on your property.

There are so many things you can do DIY to improve your home’s security without spending much. In addition to the above, avoid letting your mailbox pile up, invest in light timers and install dummy cameras on your property. These are just a few of the many easy yet effective DIY hacks that you can borrow to improve your home’s security.

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