DIY Home Improvements That Can Add Value & Help Sell Your Home Faster

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When selling your home, you aim to get the best possible price for it and sell it in a relatively short amount of time. While you need to get your home to its full potential to achieve those goals, spending a lot of money on renovations may not be worth the return you get in the selling price.

DIY Home Improvements That Can Add Value & Help Sell Your Home Faster

It might make more sense to invest in your next property or use that money to cover your utility bills, hire a real estate lawyer, pay for movers, etc. Luckily, there are ways for you to boost the value of your home with minimal expense and some elbow grease. Keep reading to find out which DIY projects can add value to your home and sell it that much quicker.

Make a Good First Impression

While homebuyers are constantly told not to base such an important decision on emotion, the fact is that visceral feelings can be twice as important as information during the purchase decision. Which means getting potential buyers to fall in love with your home as soon as they see it.

Here are a few things you can to do increase your home’s curb appeal:

  • Replace or paint your front door. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re replacing it, you may also have to replace your garage door, which is better left to the professionals.
  • Plant a tree, shrubs or plants. Adding a stone or brick border and some high-quality mulch can make your landscaping pop. Of course, nothing makes a yard stand out more than a healthy, green lawn, which may mean overseeding, planting seed with soil or laying sod.
  • Paint or powerwash your fences, decking and the exterior walls of your home (for surfaces that can withstand the pressure).
  • You can also powerwash your driveway, fix any cracks and seal it to get it looking like new.

DIY Home Improvements That Can Add Value & Help Sell Your Home Faster - kitchen upgrade

Create Space

While you may not be able to add more square footage to your home, you can certainly make the most of the space you do have by clearing up the clutter and going bare-bones minimalist while your home is being visited for showings. Plenty of space is at the top of most homebuyers’ wishlists and giving them a blank canvas to let their imaginations run wild makes it that much easier for them to picture living in your soon-to-be former home. An easy way to start is to donate items that take up space and aren’t being used. Then, adding shelves, hooks and using movable carts and cabinets in place of tables and desks can help organize and free up space in almost every room of your home.

Update Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling features for many homebuyers who want a home that is move-in ready. This makes them good places to bump up the value of your home. The good news is you can upgrade your kitchens and bathrooms without a full remodel by changing cabinet facings, installing elegant fixtures and adding a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint.

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