DIY Hedge Trimming At Its Very Best!

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There are many reasons you need to keep your plants and foliage under control, especially your very important hedges. Keeping your garden under control can take lots of work, with a hedge trimming service and shaping you can add vibrance to your home. You would not always associate falling out with your neighbor with not trimming your hedge. Maintaining a beautiful garden requires time and money.This is and can be a huge problem, especially if your neighbor feels like your garden is not kept as tidy as theirs..

DIY Hedge Trimming At Its Very Best - hedge trimming

When you don’t keep your garden tidy, your neighbor may feel it reflects badly on them too. A lot of people love to keep and maintain their gardens to a beautiful standard. For many people this may be their hobby, or they are just very particular people and like order in their garden. If you are not a keen gardener, keep things easier for yourself, keep it simple or outsource to a service like N J Apps (based in Folkestone, Kent). With things like garden bins and compost heaps it will not feel such a huge chore. The best way to keep on top of it is to nip into your garden a few times a week, pick up any rubbish and excess leaves.

Why have a hedge in your garden

One of the ways to keep your garden simple is to avoid having lots of bedding plants. Maintaining a hedge around your property is going to be much easier than planting and watering lots of plants. This in turn will cost a lot less money. The brilliant thing about hedges, is that they can be as extravagant, or as simple as you would like.  Remember that if you are going to trim your important hedges, simple is your best choice.

DIY hedge trimming can be made simple in a few ways. First you will need some fairly good equipment. The important thing about DIY hedge trimming is that it is meant to be an easy task. Sourcing the best equipment will not only save you a lot of time but money as well. When buying the equipment, look at realistically what you need. The equipment you choose is paramount. This requires time,money,and effort. This also reflects how professional the hedges will look. There is no point in undertaking this task if you are not going to do it properly. Although if you have decided to DIY hedge trim there is absolutely no need to make a poor job of it.

Things to think about with your hedges

Although you may not think that your hedge is important it does have its uses. It gives a clear border boundary to your neighbors. This may sound silly to you, but border disagreements are a widely reported problem between neighbors, and can cause feuds for many years. There are many things that you may not take into consideration, when DIY hedge trimming. Electricity is sure to be one of them. When hiring a professional to attend your garden, they will come to your home. With all the required safety equipment.They will dispose of some of the branches but you will have to disregard some of the rubbish. It will be best to have bags on hand to keep cleaning easy. Take into consideration when you are hedge trimming that it needs to be taken care of and looked after, but some hedges do not need water everyday. Some hedges do not have flowering buds so they need less water.

Importance of remaining safe when trimming your hedge

Purchase safety goggles to keep your eyes safe. Your eyes are very sensitive, so it is important to stop leaves and grit entering them. Getting a good pair of goggles is priority, get a wrap around pair that preferably are fixed to your head by elastic. Arms on goggles can be ill fitted and slide off. Footwear is important, if using electricity while DIY hedge trimming. Power tools require proper maintenance. If you are using an electric trimmer, do not wear flip flops. There is a good reason for this. If wearing a pair of open toed shoes, you will have a higher chance of getting tangled in the wires or tripping. Closed footwear is not as clumsy and is less likely to result in an accident. Do not have your wires or leads near any form of water. Even a glass of water on a scorching hot day is not advisable to have near electrics. Having leads around liquid can have horrific consequences, this can lead to death. Equally it is just as important not to leave shears laying around on the floor, even if they are not near wires. Falling on these will lead to serious injury.

DIY Hedge Trimming At Its Very Best

Sourcing the correct and best equipment to hand

Shopping for your equipment is important. It is certainly not advisable to buy the cheapest equipment , or use the cheapest shop available. Money can be wasted on cheap equipment for a few reasons. Normally cheaper equipment for the garden will not last, lack of sharpness or being made by poor material. When looking for equipment for your DIY hedge trimming look at recommendations and star ratings. Don’t forget as well as being a professional trade, gardening is a huge hobby for some people. The ratings that the equipment is getting is fairly accurate. Many people who attend their gardens as a hobby do so with a lot of love and care, they will share tips on equipment, what to use, and the best product to buy. You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment. It also does not need to be brought  in one go. Rather than buy a cheap set of tools, buy individual tools one at a time.

Work out what you need before you start work

Working out what you need is important. If you have neighbors then have a look at what they are using first. Know what is realistic, if your hedge is fairly big then you will need an electric hedge trimmer. Hedges don’t just need the height trimming back, width can be a problem with your hedge over taking your neighbors borders, or public footpaths. DIY hedge trimming can be fun if you are prepared. There are many reasons that people want to hire a specialist. So before attempting your garden yourself, weigh up your options. If you are new to this, then you might find that you take to it like a duck to water and love it.

Prepare the equipment before you start work this can save time. Bring all the needed tools to where you will be working. Make sure there are no dangerous situations that can occur. For protection make sure all sharp equipment is in a safe place. Look at the electric cables, before you switch on your plug making sure the fuse is working. Check your lead wont be near any water or sharp objects that may result in an accident. If you have to run your electric cables near walls or windows, make sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions especially around children.

Survival of wildlife in your hedges

There are many forms of wildlife living in your garden. Now with the farm lands and the fields being developed into the latest block of flats or the newest housing estates our wildlife is struggling. So if you are just starting out with your garden then it may be a very good option to look into what your can plant to help. Look at what birds or small animals can use to form nests.what materials and plants are safe for them to use. Also look into food, berrys or seeds that can be consumed. If these things are provided then animals become less destructive to your property. They will not try to use your home as a resting place or pull out material from your building or outhouses. Even if you moved into your home and the garden was already established, you must remember to check for wildlife before you remove trees or hedges. Look for small animals that may make nests at the bottom of plants too.

In Conclusion

The most important thing to remember, when plugging your electricity in and working with sharp tools is not to have these around children. Never let a child within reaching distance of plugs or leads and make sure any tools with sharp edges are up high and out of the way. Remember to have fun with your new found hobby, whether you enjoy it or not on your first attempt. Practice makes perfect, remember before attempting your DIY hedge trimming write a list of what you need. Look for advice and tips to help you along the way but most of all have fun. Be Careful to remove any wildlife, hedges can provide valuable shelter for many animals. If need be then hire a professional to help you the first time. A professional may seem like a costly expense but it may be a good idea to get your hedge trimming off to a good start.

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