DIY Dad – 6 Great Ideas for the Handy Dad This Father’s Day

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You can only go for the printed “World’s Best Dad” mug once, maybe twice if a fair amount of time has passed and the original mug is missing or forgotten. Then there are the wallet and sock gift options, but you know these get old after a while. There are only so many wallets you can fit in your pockets and socks you can fit in your drawers. Edible go-to’s like lollies and sweets will never fail to get a smile, but if you’re no longer a child you can be sure that your father knows he’s getting a cop-out gift.

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Here are five practical present options for Father’s Day if you’ve found yourself struggling with the age-old question: “what on earth can I gift my dad that he will actually use?”

1. The Gift of Love and Security

If he’s into home improvement and the type who can’t resist a new DIY job or upgrade, surprise your dad with some new, digital smart door locks. He’ll be able to install them around the house and customize them to use passwords and his fingerprint for maximum security. It’s one of the most helpful yet modern gifts you can almost certainly count on him to use (and love) but not consider getting for himself!

2. Practical Paint Protection

Rather than buying clothes and having to guess what style or fit your father is okay with, get him an accessory that is easier to size and will definitely get some use: painting clothes. Painters pants or some painting overalls are designed to be a loose fit and easily washable. Even if your handy dad has never complained about wearing old t-shirts and shorts for messy jobs, he will appreciate your consideration of his personal projects and you never know, maybe having his own go-to uniform will inspire him to take on more work that he enjoys!

3. Custom Apron to Cook in

When your dad’s happy place is the kitchen or the barbeque, a new apron is always a delightful choice of gift. Don’t default straight to the “Best Dad” designs! Depending on his sense of style or humor you can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, and witty captions. To personalize it further, you could even get one printed with one of his favourite dad jokes or a photo of you and your siblings!

custom apron

4. Tool Gift-box

Unless you are well aware of what your dad’s tool collection already includes, what his preferred brands are and what projects he’s currently working on or anticipating, buying a specific power tool or accessory is a risky and difficult gift option. You don’t have to ditch the idea of helping him with his DIY jobs entirely though; simply shop for a new toolbox instead! Make sure it is sturdy and sizeable and if you can get in your dad’s favorite color or with a custom print, he is sure to love it!

5. Noise-canceling headphones

Chances are unless your dad’s a tech fiend, he probably hasn’t invested in a pair of noise-canceling headphones already. It might not even be something that has ever crossed his mind before! Without a doubt though, if he’s a handyman who mows the lawns, uses power tools or even helps out with cleaning jobs like vacuuming, the day he gets the job done while listening to his favorite song instead of the irritating sound of machines, he’ll be extremely grateful for your gift!

Forget all those concerns about the difficulty of shopping for your dad and go for one of the above practical ideas this Father’s Day.

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