Make a Better Breakfast With A DIY Breakfast Station

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Breakfast is essential in the meal course of a family. It also gives tremendous health benefits to the body. One of the most outstanding benefits of breakfast is that it reawakens the metabolic processes of your body after a night’s sleep. This will enable your body to burn calories efficiently. Thus, preparing a healthy breakfast for your family is very important. As a mom, it can be tiring for you to make the right choice in the breakfast of your family after the previous stress-filled day. Sometimes you may not wake up early enough to prepare the breakfast and still meet up with your work and school drop-off for your kids. Even if you’re a housewife, there will always be some other chores to drag your attention every morning. Your ability to utilize the available time and put in some measures to reduce the pressure on you is very necessary. One of such outstanding measures is to build your own do it yourself (DIY) breakfast station in for the family.

Make a Better Breakfast With A DIY Breakfast Station

You don’t need a mighty space for achieving this. Just a little portion of your dining room or kitchen is enough to put up a breakfast station in your home. Once you can do that, you’ve succeeded in reducing the processes in completing the task of breakfast preparation. We have prepared some guidelines to help you build one of the top breakfast stations this year in your home.

Make everything accessible

Accessibility is a sure way to save time and remove complaints in your morning routine. When you decide to build your breakfast station, you should put everything your family member will need handy. You are sure that nobody will be calling your attention to anything. This will create the opportunity for you to focus on other things you need to accomplish that morning in your home.

Make use of easy build shelves or racks

For you to create a different section for the food items, you may use selves or racks. The separate compartments make it possible for you to keep your breakfast items in different sections. You can have your cereal packs put in a small metal bin in a compartment of your shelf. You can also decide to keep your bread in a bread bin inside another compartment. By storing the food items in different compartments, you are sure that there can never be a mix-up.

Add food items of different nutritional value

You don’t want any member of your family to be sick from malnutrition. So when you are placing food items in your breakfast stand, note their nutritional values. Include a beverage, especially milk, in the meal. In most families with kids and teenagers, milk is always used during breakfast. It contains some essential nutrients required for their growth. These nutrients in milk will also sharpen the potential for learning in your children. Thus, with milk as part of your breakfast, your kids are bound to start their day on the right foot.

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You can also add fruit and veggie by keeping handy a fruit and veggie fusions. Just a glass-fill of such fusions for each person gives your family the fruit and veggie to begin their day. You can also make available bagels in the food items. Bagels have this ability to keep your children filled till their lunch break. So you don’t have to worry if they will soon be hungry before the next eating period. You should also keep handy cereals and spreads. Some spreads like peanut butter or cocoa almond butter are good or any other preferred choice for your family.

Keep handy every eating cutlery

The reason for building your own breakfast stand is to make it easy for you as well as save time. You should endeavor to keep the eating cutlery visible and handy. Also, keep cereal plates, tea, and juice cups visible in compartments of the shelf or rack.

Give labels and directives

To remove any form of ambiguity and delay during breakfast time, you should get a chalkboard, paper mask, or marker to label some containers of the food items. This will make it easier for your family to access what they want and prepare their breakfast by themselves without disturbing you. Where some food items are kept away from the breakfast stand, you should also give directives using the chalkboard. For instance, you can notify your kids to take the milk from the fridge on the chalkboard. If you store your cereals in containers, you should also label the containers with the name of the cereals. This way, you will remove yourself from the breakfast preparation and maximize your time in the morning.


When you decide to make breakfast in your home to become self-serve, building a DIY breakfast station is your trusted solution. The breakfast station offers you kids, the opportunity to learn how to be independent as they can now prepare their breakfast by themselves. You are also saved from the stress of making multiple breakfast dishes. There will be no more argument from your family on which choice should supersede the other during breakfast preparation. All you now have is the routine of checking the station to refill any food item that is exhausted. From your breakfast station, you offer your family breakfasts that are filling and healthy even as they eat their individual choices.

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