The Complete Guide to DIY BBQ Repair: 5 Insider Tips

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Becoming an at-home grill master requires more effort than simply purchasing a grill, gathering your neighbors, and firing it up every weekend. Overall grill maintenance is essential if you hope to keep your appliance in like-new condition for years to come. If you fail to maintain your new grill, your investment could go up in flames. An unclean grate can ultimately become a fire hazard. The charred residue left behind after cooking also contains amino acids and chemicals that could be harmful if consumed with your food.

The Complete Guide to DIY BBQ Repair

If you are aware of the warning signs, you’ll recognize when your barbecue needs repairs. A few barbecue red flags include the grill being unable to light, uneven flames, broken gas controls, gas leaks, uneven heating, and excess smoke. This list of potential grill issues is intimidating for first-time grillers and seasoned pros alike. It is best to tackle any problems with your grill right away to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Some people enlist the help of professional Palm Beach grill repair services to perform necessary fixes. Others choose to take on the task of servicing their grill on their own. If you are looking to roll up your sleeves and tackle a DIY BBQ repair project to prepare for the upcoming grill season, read on for five insider tips to help you with even the most challenging repair.

Thoroughly clean at least once a year

You will want to keep your grill relatively clean while you are using it. On a day-to-day basis, always scrape any leftover food bits with a wire brush to clean your cooking surface. After cooking, run your grill as hot as possible to burn off any remaining food or grease. In addition to daily care, you should deep-clean the grill at least once a year to make sure everything is working efficiently. Remove the grates to scrub later and set the rocks aside. Also, examine the igniters and burners before you begin to scrape off the rest of the residual grime.

Install and regularly clean drip guard

If you want to find a way to keep grease and meat drippings from pooling at the bottom of your grill, install a universal drip guard. You can purchase a guard at nearly any home improvement store. The V-shape of the guard catches grease and prevents it from coating the rest of your grill in the residue.

Replace your ignition system

Replacing the ignition system in your grill can seem like a daunting task. Unfortunately, the piezoelectric ignition typically installed in many new BBQ grills doesn’t last for very long. As such, you will want to keep this DIY project in your back pocket should you find yourself frequently throwing matches on your grill to light it. A new ignition assembly can be purchased at many hardware stores and are relatively inexpensive.

The Complete Guide to DIY BBQ Repair - cleaning the grill

Check out grill burners

Similar to a grill’s ignition system, you will also want to check that the grill burners are in working condition. If the burners light rapidly and burn evenly, you will know they are ready to go. Before the grilling season begins, remove any burners and scrub them thoroughly with pipe cleaners and wire brushes. If your grill burners are faulty, you can easily replace them with new ones from the hardware store.

Give your grill a new coat of paint

You can make an old grill appear new again with something as simple as the right coat of paint. The outer shell can show extreme wear-and-tear, primarily if you have owned the grill for several years. Start by degreasing the outside of the grill with a power washer. Then you can begin sanding the outside before finally adding fresh paint.

Grill Master 101

After sprucing up your grill and applying the finishing touches, you’ll be ready to claim your grill-master title in no time. Remember, don’t let your backyard barbeque plans go up in smoke. To prevent soured summer festivities, prepare your grill for the task ahead.

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