Different Mattress Types

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If you have set out to find a brand new mattress, likely, you’ve already noticed how flooded the marketplace is with different styles and types. One of the best ways to give yourself the highest chance of finding the right one is by narrowing down your options based on type. Nearly every mattress in the marketplace can be divided into (5) different types. These 5 types include foam, hybrid, innerspring, latex, and airbed mattresses. The most common and the most traditional are known to be innerspring mattresses. However, as of recent years, there has been an explosion in popularity among other types like foam. Before we brake down all 5 types of mattresses, we must emphasize that you should always look for a flippable mattresses because they offer options for winter and summer in one mattress,

Different Mattress Types

The other types have become increasingly popular by extending their reach and by offering better value and performance relative to traditional spring mattresses. They’ve also become increasingly accessible with the majority of them selling online. Knowing the basics about the various types can go a long way towards ensuring that you can find the best mattress for your needs.

5 Different Types of Mattress

  1. Foam Mattresses

This is a mattress that is made entirely out of different kinds of foam. These are typically the mattresses you will find that come in a box. They usually provide a good amount of contoured support. This can make them good for pressure relief and motion isolation. Because of this, they make for good options for those who tend to sleep on their sides and for those who sleep with someone else. Within the foam mattress type category, you can find a lot of different types of foam being used with memory foam being the most prevalent.

  1. Innerspring Mattresses

These are that rely on coil-based support. While you get a very firm mattress with a spring, they don’t usually have the pressure relief that you would get from other types. The surface you get with a traditional spring mattress is usually much more bounce and it doesn’t have great motion isolation. However, that’s not an issue for solo sleepers. Because they are relatively cheap to produce, they are usually available at a lower price point which makes them a prudent option for budget consumers.

  1. Hybrid

These mattress types use both an innerspring and a foam support system. The mattress is made out of both which can give the mattress more balance. Typically the support or middle portion of the mattress features the spring and the foam portion is meant to be the comfort layer towards the top. These are the best mattresses for side sleepers with back pain due to the sufficient bounce because of the innerspring combined with a contouring foam top. This makes this mattress type very good for those looking for a versatile mattress that can suit many sleeping styles.

Different Mattress Types - mattress

  1. Latex

This is another option that has become increasingly popular and it refers to mattresses with all layers made out of latex rubber. This type offers excellent bounce and very good durability. While it doesn’t offer as much contouring as a memory foam mattress, it does a good job offering some. Because of the balance between the two, they make for a good option when made with natural and organic latex. They are especially good for those looking for an Eco-friendly option.

  1. Airbed

These mattresses are built using an air chamber for core support. With an airbed mattress, there is a pump that fills the mattress with air. Because of this, it offers a good range of firmness levels to choose from. Some airbeds will allow you to set different firmness levels independently on each side. This can make for a good couple’s bed for couples that have different sleeping styles and preferences.

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