The 13 Different Kinds of Boxes That Every Move Needs

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When moving to a new home, nothing is more important than having the necessary moving items close at hand. Fortunately, there are many types of moving boxes to make your move easier, from corrugated options to large wooden boxes. There’s a box to fit any item in your home.

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We will mention the most common types of boxes here but know that there are even more options.

Different kinds of boxes that you may need

When you organize a Bay Area to Orange County move, you can entrust the professionals at with everything, including choosing boxes and packing. But we will still talk about the different types of packaging to ensure that each item is protected during transportation.

Small cardboard packages

These are definitely the best-size moving boxes, and you will need a lot of them because they are easier to load and carry when moving. These drawers are ideal for small, heavy items such as books, appliances, kitchenware, and storage. Small cardboard boxes are usually 12 to 14 inches long.

Medium cardboard boxes

This is the most popular type of transport box. They are ideal for transporting small to medium-sized household items such as pots and pans, vases, picture frames, toys, clothes, and bedding. These boxes are small enough to transport on a truck easily but large enough to hold various household items.

Large cardboard ones

If you’re moving into a small apartment, you’ll only need a few large cardboard boxes. Packaging these boxes with large, lightweight items such as clothing, pillows, bedding, blankets, toilet paper, and paper towels is important. Overloading a large cardboard box with too many heavy items will make lifting difficult during the move.

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Wardrobe drawers

They provide a great way to transport your clothes without removing them from the hangers. The wardrobe drawers have strong metal hanging rods, making it easy to hang clothes inside.

Boxes for telescopes

If you’re moving artwork, mirrors, or flat-screen TVs, we recommend purchasing telescoping boxes to house your items. These cartons come with separate top and bottom pieces that fit into one box, and you simply insert the smaller piece into the larger part until the box protects the entire item. These options are ideal for preventing cracks and damage to fragile flat items.

Television boxes with flat panels

Flat TV boxes are ideal for small and medium-sized flat-screen TVs. They are designed to store both LED and plasma flat screens. They are usually long, rectangular cardboard boxes. To protect the TV during shipping, each flat panel package must be labeled “this side up.” This allows moving company San Francisco to Los Angeles employees to load the van while considering the safe location of expensive equipment.

Plastic containers

Hermetic plastic containers are ideal for packing seasonal clothing, electrical appliances, cords, fragile items, etc. These containers are great for storing things after moving. Since they are transparent, you can easily find things in plastic containers. The waterproof material protects your belongings during transport.

Bank boxes

These packing options are designed specifically for office moves. These cardboard boxes have handles and removable lids to transport all your paper goods conveniently. They are also collapsible, making it easier to organize office items before and after moving.

Drawers for dishes and glass

These kits typically include a small or medium cardboard box and a set of cardboard dividers that are inserted directly into the box. The dividers are designed to separate each dish or glass, providing extra protection during transport.

Packages for mattresses

It is recommended to use mattress boxes to protect your mattresses during the move. These boxes are designed for different mattress sizes, such as twin, full, queen, and king. They usually consist of two pieces that are joined together to cover the mattress completely. Mattress boxes keep your mattress clean and protect it from dirt, dust, and potential damage during shipping.

Boxes for lamps

These tall, narrow packages are specially designed to accommodate lamps of various sizes and shapes. They have adjustable inserts or foam padding to secure the lamp and prevent it from shifting or breaking.

Electronics blocks

Packing electronic devices such as computers, monitors, printers, or game consoles, it is essential to use special boxes for electronics. These boxes often have additional padding and cushioning materials and can include compartments for cables, accessories, and peripherals to keep things organized.

Special boxes

Different custom boxes are available for specific items depending on your specific needs. Some examples:

Guitar cases are designed to protect guitars and other musical instruments.

Bicycle boxes are specially designed to protect the surface from impacts and scratches.

Pet carriers are essential if you have pets, as they are essential for their safety and comfort during your move.

Toolboxes will be needed for safe transportation and storage of tools.

Label different types of boxes with a specific color according to the room and contents, or briefly describe the items inside each one. This can make unpacking and organizing much easier.

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