What is the Difference Between Duvet And Quilt Covers?

Most people get confused when they look to buy a quilt cover or a duvet cover: are they even different? It becomes even more challenging when you shop online. This shouldn’t, however, stop you from finding the best cover for your quilt or duvet.

What is the difference between duvet and quilt covers

To make it easy and simple, we are going to discuss whether or not they are different from each other. Or What is the difference between duvet and quilt covers?

What Is a Quilt Cover?

We all know this as part of our day-to-day life, especially in the winter season. Yet, it’s exactly that thing you insert your quilt or duvet inside as a protective cover. Not only does it keep your quilt safe and clean, but it also adorns your bedroom as well as provides you with warmth and comfort. Most of the time a quilt cover comes along with a set of bedding with matching pillowcases.

What is the Difference Between Duvet And Quilt Covers: Simply Explained 

If you buy quilt covers online, you will see a lot of choices: different sizes, various colors, and fancy fabrics. Moreover, you will see people buying different types of quilt or duvet covers for different purposes; some buy them only for the winter while others opt for the ones that go for all seasons. But, any of that purposes and designs don’t separate a quilt cover from a duvet cover. That’s kind of weird, right?

Well, although there are differences between a duvet and a quilt, there is no difference between a duvet cover or a quilt cover. When you use the cover for your lofty duvet, you call it a duvet cover; when you use it for a quilt, you call it a quilt cover. They have one thing in common and that makes them the same: they all cover a quilt or a duvet. Yes, you can insert a duvet into a quilt cover as long as they match in size. It is that simple. But, let’s not get confused. As we mentioned earlier, there are differences between a duvet and a quilt. And it is important to learn how they are different.

What is the Difference Between Duvet And Quilt Covers - quilt cover

Difference between Quilt and Duvet 

A quilt is a set of bedding with two or three layers depending on the purpose. Three-layer quilts have a top, batting, and bottom layer. Some have only two layers: the top and the bottom. A duvet, however, is another type of bedding that uses a soft bag filled with cotton or other synthetic materials. Sometimes it comes with a cover, and sometimes it’s just the duvet. Duvets are soft and lofty and serve as an insert. While a duvet can be used just as bedding, you can use a quilt for other purposes such as a piece of decoration.

Last Words

With numerous options out there, it may be confusing to determine which is what, or which one is to pick. Quilt and duvet covers are not an anomaly. We tried, however, to keep it straight and simple: Quilts and duvets are different types of bedding. But, when it comes to covers, they are all the same.

I hope I have managed to give you enough insights about what is the difference between quilt and duvet Covers. So, keep decorating your house by putting beautiful covers on your quilts and Duvet. Visit Project Repat and check out their custom t-shirt quilts to add a personal touch to your bed.

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