How to Detect a Foundation Water Leak in Your House

You are in your home when all of sudden you begin noticing that there is water in your basement or in the foundation of your home. You are unsure when the water leak began, but the puddle of water is growing bigger by the day. You think about calling in a professional water leak detection company to come and investigate because you know that the problem may be more than you can handle. You may also want to read this article which will discuss 8 ways how to detect a foundation water leak in your house.

How to Detect a Foundation Water Leak in Your House

There are many ways to detect if you have a water leak in your home. State Management brings you these 8 ways to tell if your home has a water leak. They include:

1. Corroded Soil Underneath the Foundation of your home

2. Broken plumbing pipes/lines underneath the flooring of your home

3. Structural damage in the foundation during the building of your home

4. Cracking in the foundation of your home, in the brick or stucco

5. A significant increase in your energy or water bill payments

6. Sheet rock that is cracked on your walls, ceilings and windows

7. An odor coming from your floor that smells like soured mildewed water

8. Your sewer line is consistently backing up causing the sinks, toilets and drainage to be backed up as well

9. Windows and doors that do not close properly or are beginning to stick

All of these points are certain red flags that there is something going on within the foundation of your home. As you begin to look for the source of the water leak, you will need to call professionals who can find the source, tell you the reason or cause of the source and fix the source properly. With Abry Brothers, their knowledge and level of expertise comes from the experience of being in business since 1840. The services offered by Abry Brothers include:

1. crawl space recovery

2. drainage

3. house leveling

4. house raising

5. water leak detection

6. pier beam

If you have a foundation water leak in your house, the people at Abry Brothers are some of the best at leak detection and foundation water leak repair. The Abry Brothers are located in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth Texas for those near these areas for water leak detection and repair from a reputable company.

For many companies, the foundation repair involved heavy machinery. This is not the case at Abry Brothers. They have a Simple Pressed Pilings Foundations Repair System that involves 8 steps to help with repairing your foundation in your house that leads to water leaks. These 8 steps include:

1. For a great foundation that will not lead to water leaks, you must have stable soil underneath your home. Abry Brothers uses a system that will look at how deep the soil is in the foundation of your home, making sure that it will be able to withstand any type of corrosion. They use the bell bottom system to do this.

2. Boxing is the second step where Abry Brothers will dig a hole in the soil of your home’s foundation until stable soil is found. The hole or box must be deep enough to maintain the bell bottom piers that will be inserted for reinforcement.

3. A special drilling equipment is used to dig deep into the soil around your home’s foundation. The drilled hole must be deep enough to hold the bell bottom piers and concrete.

4. Once the hole is dug by the special drilling equipment, concrete is then poured into the hole and secured with a steel rebar which makes sure that the concrete is solidly held in place.

5. The cleanup process is the fifth step in the eight-step process. This includes removal of all the remaining dirt that is surrounding the concrete and steel rebar.
How to Detect a Foundation Water Leak in Your House - rebar

6. Curing is the process of waiting for the concrete to dry around the bell bottom piers. The process can take up to two weeks depending upon the amount of concrete needed to secure the bell bottom piers in place and to reinforce the foundational structure.

7. Leveling is the process of the concrete drying and returning to its original grade. This is done by jacking the concrete.

8. Upon completion of the foundation water leak repair, Abry Brothers will fill any holes with mud or concrete to make sure that the leaks in the foundation are properly repaired.

As you begin to think about the importance of the foundation of your home, it just makes sense to call in professionals like Abry Brothers. For water leak detection, repairs and foundational repairs, they are some of the best in the business. They have been around since 1840 and understand how important it is to have a strong foundation for your home. Remember when you first detect the water leak is when you should call in a professional. The longer you wait to show a professional, the more pronounced the water leak may become leaving you with a fragile foundation for your home with severe cracking in the brick, stucco, walls and ceilings of your home. Remember that the 8 things that can show you have a water leak in your home are corrosion in your soil, structural damage in the initial building of your home, broken plumbing lines or pipes, cracking in the brick or stucco used in building your home, a significant increase in your water and energy bill payments, cracking sheetrock around the walls, ceilings and windows in your home, your sewer line is constantly backing up and so are your toilets, sinks and other plumbing lines in your home, a bad odor in your home like soured water or mildew and your windows are sticking or not closing as they should. These are 8 signs that you could have a water leak that is in need of repair in the foundation of your home.

If you are seeking for professionals who can help you with structural foundation leaking call AbryBros who have been in business since 1840.

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