How To Detect And Get Rid Of Pests in Malaysia Homes

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Pests can be a huge problem in the Malaysia home. They chew on furniture, they contaminate food, and they make your house feel dirty and unsafe. 

How To Detect And Get Rid Of Pests in Malaysia Homes

The best way to deal with pests is to get rid of them as soon as possible! In this blog post we will discuss how you can identify pest problems in your Malaysia home and what steps you should take from there.

How To Know If Your Home in Malaysia has Pest Infestation

To know if your Malaysia home has a pest infestation is by simply looking for signs of pests. Here are some steps to know if your house has pest infestation.

  • Search areas of the home where pests can hide during the day
  • Inspect pantry shelves while inspecting any large bags or boxes on top as well as in dark corner
  • We recommend that you also inspect any areas where you store your clothes
  • Inspect all places in the home, even small cracks and crevasses. Use a flashlight to look for bugs that may be hiding during the day.
  • Another way you can detect pests is by their droppings. Pests leave behind a trail of feces wherever they go, so this may be an indication that you have the unwelcome pest.
  • Another sign of pest infestation is a foul smell. This can be the sign of spilled food, or that there are dead pests in your home. 
  • When inspecting pests make sure to look between sheets and blankets on beds where pests like to hide during the day.

Inspecting for pests can be difficult to do on your own, so it’s best if you hire a pest control specialist instead. You can contact a local pest control specialist in Malaysia to book a service to get rid of pest infestation from your home.

This way they will know what traps and equipment are most effective in getting rid of these unwanted bugs in your home. 

How To Get Rid of Pests

If you have a pest problem in your Malaysia home, it’s important to know how to get rid of these unwanted visitors. There are many different types of pests found in Malaysia and each one requires a specific way to be dealt with.

Ants – To get rid of ants, you should use bait or insecticide. Place the bait in areas where there are large numbers of these pests and it will act as a repellent against them. If using an insecticide, make sure to read instructions carefully so that you know how much to apply for your pest problem size.

How To Detect And Get Rid Of Pests in Malaysia Homes - spraying

Termite – To get rid of termite infestation, you can use botanical insecticides . These are more natural alternatives and will not pose health risks to you or your family. You can also use traps, bait stations, dusting agents or baits with insecticide.

Mosquitoes – For this, you can use repellents, traps and netting.

Bed bugs – If you are using pesticides to get rid of bed bugs, make sure that it is a product approved for use on this pest. Also read the instructions carefully so that you do not over apply or contaminate any areas where humans might come in contact with dangerous chemicals .

Fleas – We recommend that you use sprays instead of powders as they do not cause a mess.

Cockroaches – You should make sure that you deal with the infestation quickly. To get rid of cockroaches, you need to use pesticides.

Rats – For this pest, we recommend that you use traps and poisons as they are the most effective at keeping them away from your home. You should never touch a dead rat with your bare hands because it can cause infections in humans if handled improperly or without gloves .

Flies – To get rid of flies, you need to use a fly swatter or an insecticide spray.

Lizards– To get rid of lizards, you should use a pest control spray. Another way is to use a sticky trap.

However, if things are not getting better, then you should contact a reputable pest control service provider in Malaysia for help. With the right knowledge, you can detect and get rid of pests in your home. This blog post has outlined some things to be on the lookout for as well as how to handle each type of pest. We hope it will help you keep your house free from unwanted guests!

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