3 Designer Tips For A Stylish Lounge Arrangement

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As they all say, home is where the heart is – and wherever there is heart, there is peace. However, aside from comfort and peace, homeowners also desire a well-decorated and stylish home. So how exactly can one achieve that? The answer is pretty simple: formulate a modern lounge arrangement. Typically, the lounge is where family and friends gather to spend quality time together.

3 Designer Tips For A Stylish Lounge Arrangement

Although it is common for most households to leave it be, it would not hurt to have an upgrade and turn it into a star-studded themed crib with excellent interior design. After all, the lounge is the first space the guests will encounter. So, here are some practical design tips for a stylish lounge arrangement one can utilize to redecorate their living room.

1. Lounge Basics

There are few important reminders to remember in arranging the lounge area. The basics of this task include the focal point, indoor lounge furniture, traffic, and strategic location.

Focal Point: Find out where the focal point is and arrange the furniture and decoration around it. Generally, these points are existing features of the lounge area. This could be a window, fireplace, a mounted television – or any part that draws activity like gatherings and conversations.

Indoor Lounge Furniture: For maximum comfort, make use of the lounge furniture to develop conversation areas. Nobody wants to strain their neck or be in an uncomfortable position when talking to others. Utilize the ample space of the lounge to create hassle-free socialization areas.

Traffic: Take note of the traffic flow. Although lounge areas are for people to relax and gather, it is still a space that people use to cross from one room to another. Therefore, leave enough room for people to walk around and move.

Strategic Location: Placing furniture close to the wall is a big, fat no. It is one of the most significant flaws people make in arranging the living room. Withdraw the furniture away from the walls and place them closer with other pieces instead. Using this strategy, a more intimate atmosphere will arise and make the lounge more appealing and comfortable. The only time one should stick the furniture to the wall is if its back is unfinished. Otherwise, pull it away and make it the centerpiece instead.

2. Sizes And Arrangements

In the context of creating a stylish lounge arrangement, size absolutely matters. There are factors to consider in choosing lounge furniture, such as budget, measurement, quality, and most importantly, space. Here’s why!

Coffee And Side Tables: Most often than not, these tables are used as centerpieces and highlight in conversation areas aside from the main furniture. In picking one, consider their length and height. Make sure the coffee table is slightly lower than the seat height of the couch. Moreover, the table length should approximately be at least two-thirds of the couch’s length. If coffee tables are not preferred, then smaller ones or even benches will do the trick. Just ensure they are not too small to create an awkward imbalance. Also, never forget to have ample space for leg room!

In case there is more space for afterthoughts, side tables are also good options. However, the number will have to depend on the availability of seats. The reason behind this is for maximum comfort. No one should be inconvenienced when it comes to putting down drinks, plates, and even purses. Try putting one or two on either side of the couch and make sure not to overcrowd the room.

3 Designer Tips For A Stylish Lounge Arrangement - amazing living room

Couches And Chairs: These items are typically space-consuming, so it is essential that they perfectly suit the available space. Make sure to measure the length, width, and height before purchasing one. Couches and chairs which are too big or too small would disrupt the stylish and harmonious lounge one is trying to create. Furthermore, explore different arrangements to see which one is more visually appealing and accommodating in terms of free space for traffic flow.

Carpets: In defining and finishing lounge areas, a carpet is a must. However, one common mistake done is using one that is too small to fit the furniture. Be reminded that all of the pieces in the lounge should be comfortably sat and fit on the carpet. If there is no more ample room, at least prioritize the front legs of any massive, upholstered pieces on the carpet.

3. Art & Decoration

When all pieces are in place and well artistically arranged, it is now time to consider the accessories. Include window treatment, artwork such as paintings and sculptures, television, or sconces. In choosing the best décor, give it as much thought as picking the best furniture. However, if one is not confident with their choices, feel free to use an online planner to test the ideas.


The lounge areas are one of the main features of a home. It is where the family gathers and where visitors are welcomed. It is only natural to ensure that the living room is well arranged and decorated. However, aside from the designer tips in creating a stylish arrangement, make sure to remember the secrets in keeping the lounge clean and perfect. At the end of the day, consistency is the key!

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