Design Tips For Your Home Cigar Lounge

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More and more people are creating cigar lounges in the comfort of their own homes and are turning to the internet to find inspiration. Besides the purpose of smoking cigars, cigar lounges are a place for people to relax after a long day of work, spend time with friends and family, and a place that can be a person’s very own space unique to them.

DIY home cigar lounge

If you are considering creating a cigar lounge in the comfort of your home, it’s important that you make sure the proper amount of planning goes into it. This post will detail some DIY design tips to think about and take advantage of as you plan and create your at-home cigar lounge.

DIY Your Own Cigar Lounge

To create a functional and attractive cigar lounge, you should spend time planning the overall aesthetic of the space; here are some DIY design tips to help you do just that.

Choose the Right Decor

Decor is the easiest and usually the most fun part of creating a DIY at-home cigar lounge.  Decor allows you to make a space customized to your likes and interests. Some popular decor ideas to consider for your cigar lounge include:

  • Hang framed posters of some of your favorite bands or of classic movies
  • Opt for unique, but classy light fixtures; many people choose lights that can be dimmed
  • Install a bar or a liquor shelf
  • Hang sports memorabilia
  • Consider transforming a wall into a library
  • Opt for art on the walls; dark-colored abstract art is common

If you are looking to create a classic cigar lounge ambiance, be sure to keep the decor minimal. Though the decor is crucial, too much decor can take away from the classic look and feel of a cigar lounge.

Think About Furniture

It’s important you find the right furniture and neutral bedding for your cigar lounge ahead of time so that you can base the rest of the room off of it. Here are some tips to help you choose furniture for your at-home cigar lounge:

  • Invest in black or brown leather sofas, loveseats, and chairs
  • Add a bar, or if you don’t install a bar, at least invest in a high-top table and set of bar stools
  • Make sure to have multiple coffee tables
  • Think about adding a game table such as a pool table, shuffleboard (please be advised that you must double shuffleboard table dimensions in order to be able to play freely) must, or poker table
  • Buy a humidor that matches the rest of the room and is the appropriate size
  • A bookshelf may enhance the appearance of your cigar lounge
small home cigar lounge

Flooring and Walls

With proper research, you can DIY your flooring and walls in your cigar lounge; with that being said, your flooring and walls are critical for a number of reasons besides just the aesthetic. Perhaps the most important aspect besides the aesthetic of your flooring and walls is their ability to not hold on to odor. If you choose flooring and walls that hold on to odor, you run the risk of making your cigar lounge smell like stale smoke (like a casino). You also run the risk of making your entire home smell like smoke.

When it comes to flooring, you will want a floor that will not absorb the smoke odor. Wood or stone flooring are great options for cigar lounges. If you choose a wood floor, consider picking a dark color, rustic, wide plank, or distressed style. If you choose a stone floor, add an authentic area rug on top of it. In regards to your walls choose to paint the walls instead of hanging wallpaper. Wallpaper can absorb the smell of smoke and will cause the room to smell stale overtime. In terms of color, most cigar lounges use dark color paint such as deep red or dark brown.

Create the Cigar Lounge of Your Dreams

While you get ready to create this unique room, you should spend time looking at various images online and on social media, and you should try to visit cigar lounges in person. You have likely been to a vast amount of cigar lounges in your life if you are building one at home; however, it will be worth your while to go to a cigar lounge, such as a cigar lounge in South Jersey, and look at the design elements. Take mental notes of what you want to incorporate into your at-home cigar lounge. Now that you have some design tips, you can get started on creating the at-home cigar lounge of your dreams.

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