Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor living structure design trends have become popular among people who have a greater need to connect with nature. Over the years, the focus has shifted on blurring the lines between the indoor and outdoor areas. It is no longer a secluded corner; instead, it is designed with a personalized touch to create an indoor living space extension.

Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor structure includes the patios, porches, and decks that can be themed with beautiful landscapes. Create an outdoor relaxation space with a few comforting pieces of furniture and accessories to unwind whenever you are claustrophobic. Moreover, consider the outdoor shade structure to stay protected against weather changes, like heat, rain, and snow. Here are some ideas for designing an outdoor living structure that will help you escape to your dream oasis.

Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Structure

Lounge in the Backyard

If you have a large outdoor space in your backyard, it is wise to invest in a seating arrangement. A plush seating, like an L-shape couch, will create a lounge effect in your outdoor space. Pair it with small coffee tables for the added drama and comfort in your exterior space. Don’t forget to pick weather-resistant materials for  lasting use.

Outdoor Dining with a View

What goes inside can be used outside to make things more satisfying. If you have a great outdoor view, leverage it for an entertaining purpose all year round. Introduce a dining table in the exterior surrounded by the lush beauty of nature. A space dedicated to outdoor dining is best for planning family dinners and other occasions. You can even include grills and barbecues to heighten the experience.

Poolside Play

An umbrella is an excellent inclusion for an outdoor shade structure. It will provide you with optional shade on your sunny days. You can even consider other options, like canopies, awnings, and gazebos, to keep your guests comfortable on tropical days. This setting will compliment the poolside furniture, like chairs and tables. Your hangout spot will look stunning when you assemble this,creating a much-needed separate zone beside your pool.

Designing a South Western Retreat

Take a break from the usual design decor ideas and switch to your creative roots. Design an outdoor living structure inspired by a south western theme. This inspiration brings rustic decor and a rare charm to the outdoor area. You can also include  farm-house style seating furniture with unpolished and raw wooden accents on tables and benches. Complete it with a patterned rug, antique, flagstone flooring, branched chandelier, and other items.

Go Roofless

Your roof is the next best option to extend your interiors in the top-most level. Create a well-deserving outdoor structure that captures your attention. Dedicate the area to a well-organized rooftop gardening along with a comfortable seating place. You can pair the look with a unique upholstered seat surrounded by the flowering and non-flowering greens. If space isn’t restricted, you can also opt for a couch and a coffee table. This will provide you with a 360-degree view from the top along with a breeze of fresh air.

Brick and Wood in Porch

Indoor fireplace ideas are relatively conventional and look pretty outdated. However, you can opt for fireplaces just outside your living area. The front porch of the house can be designed with a rustic appeal using bricks. You can construct a large brick designed fireplace and pair it with a couch and table. To enhance this appeal further, try to incorporate stone flooring and a wooden ceiling. It adds warmth to the overall decor.

Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space - porch

English Country Garden Look

The huge space in your patio or backyard can have a formal English country garden look. Include furniture made from wrought iron, which typically amplifies the feel of such decor. You can opt for black and white hues in the chairs and tables for a classic touch in the surrounding area. An outdoor shade structure, like an umbrella or antique street lamp post, is an additional feature that can be considered. Remember to have the flowering plants besides to make a plush affair outside your home.

Tuscan Beauty in the Courtyard

If you are residing in a villa, create a charming Tuscan courtyard for your outdoor living structure. What makes the look marvelous are the design features, such as exposed beams, arches, and stucco surfaces. Put more emphasis on the lighting, as it plays a vital part in these types of outdoor decor. The Tuscan outdoor theme involves furnishing made from wood or iron. It can be continued with design ideas, like paintings, outdoor fireplace, and plants. This is simply irresistible for enjoying your evening tea in this unusual beauty.

Coastal Chic Oceanfront Escape

An outstanding interior idea is all about maintaining the flows from the interior. With an oversized window and large opening balcony in front of the sea, you can create an exotic staycation. Use a simple color scheme from a palette inspired by the surrounding nature. Keep the look minimalistic with a couple of single sofas or standalone chairs. Stick to neutral shades, like blues, greys, and white, to get the curated flow.

Develop an Intimate Gathering Place

Design an extended outdoor structure with a verandah to develop an intimate gathering place in your house. It brings a distinctive appeal to both the indoor and outdoor vibe. You can create a different concept with eye-catching furniture, fixtures, and other accessories. Get a floating shelf with a painting and other odd ends in the interior wall. While in the exterior portion, decorate it with layering lantern lights and chairs and coffee tables. Popping some greens will enhance this look further.

Bottom Line: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Creating a relaxing and stylish outdoor living structure can increase the appeal and value of your home significantly. It will serve as an oasis for both the family and friends gathering outdoors to indulge in supreme comfort. Most importantly, you can enjoy this place as a personal hideaway during your leisure moments.

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