Three Design Hacks to Make Your House Look More Expensive

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Looking for ways to add a touch of luxury and make a good first impression with your house? If yes, then there are several ways for you to transform your house into a high-end, beautiful, and luxurious-looking home. Make you house look more expensive with this simple design hacks.

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Here are some easy yet effective ways to add to the curb appeal of your house and boost the interior space as well.

Improve the Exterior

Your interior space might be freshly renovated; however, if your front yard and exterior don’t match the interior vibe, your house will look uninviting, like a rundown. The exterior of your house determines, largely, the potential value of your house, which means that you will want to ensure that the architectural style of your house looks good from the perspective of a visitor.

For a high-end exterior feel and look, you might want to discover innovation in high pressure laminate panels design and change the exterior of your house to boost value and establish a luxurious feel. Apart from a luxurious touch, the aluminum panels ensure durability and fire resistance safety. You will also want to work on your landscape and transform the exterior of your house with lush green plants and flowers. The addition of a stonewall around the house can boost the level of sophistication and make the house feel luxurious and inviting.

Establish a Luxurious Bedroom

There are countless ways you can make your bedroom look and feel more luxurious. But one thing that you can do, which a lot of stores and hotels do, is actually doubling up on your duvets. Usually, the bog stores and hotels lay out two duvets on the bed, where one is the functional duvet that is laid out on the entire bed. The other duvet is right on the top of that first duvet that you can fold over.

expensive looking living room

By doing so, you will add that big thick layer and give your bed that fluffy and luxurious look. Also, you will want to add large throw pillows on your bed or sofa to instantly induce a high-end look. You can use euro-size pillows that are around 26×26. You can layer these pillows with smaller ones to make your room instantly feel luxurious.

Layer the Lighting

If you want a high-end, beautiful, and luxurious feel in your home, you need some mood lighting. Also, you will need to layer your lighting.  You can have a ton of different light sources in one room, but they might face a different direction when turned on as a way to highlight the different features in your home.

So, you might want to install a chandelier and add in pendant lights. You can also strategically place table lamps, floor lamps, picture lights, and wall sconces. There are countless ways to layer in your lighting in a room to add a little moment and create your desired luxurious atmosphere.

You can also highlight the hallways and the fireplace. You get the point – with different light sources, you can accent different things in your living space and make you house look expensive with limited budget.

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